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How to 1v1 in CS:GO

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mc head By Nathan Young

CSGO How to 1V1


Whether you’ve been challenged to a duel or want to show off your skills, one vs one matches in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are possible. However, only using default maps for 1v1 games can lead to prolonged sessions and lack of dedicated combat features. This can motivate players to start a correctly designed one-on-one match, as it’ll allow for quicker rounds, convenient level layouts, custom gamemodes, and sometimes free weapons. These maps originate from CS:GO’s Workshop, which allows community-created content to be shared. Although, it can be difficult to find and load an ideal level for your game since it’s not common knowledge. Within this Apex Hosting tutorial, we’ll explore how to 1v1 in CS:GO on workshop maps.

How to 1v1 in CSGO

CSGO 1v1

Before one-on-one combat begins, there are a few steps to complete, which will help you create the best possible experience. The following sections will teach you how to navigate the game’s workshop and locate perfect maps. For instance, if you wanted a Mario-themed 1v1 level, then using search parameters will achieve this goal. Using the workshop is a little daunting at first, as there are many options and lists to review. When you find a good map to use, loading it up can be confusing due to there being no apparent option for it. Luckily, we cover all of this in the respective sections.

Finding Workshop Maps

Players create their own CS:GO maps and upload them to the Workshop for anyone to use. With 1v1 matches being so popular, there are tons of levels to check out. Sometimes, maps will have custom modes to play on instead of the classic gamemodes: Casual and Competitive. These aren’t designed for one vs one combat, but can still suffice. Locating the perfect setup will take a few tries, as you may want a specific design or the best experience. It’s an easy process to find custom maps once you get the hang of it, so follow along down below to get this started.

  1. Head towards CS:GO’s Workshop and log into Steam if you haven’t already done that.
  2. Once there, hover over Browse and press Maps.
    CSGO Workshop Maps
  3. Afterward, enter “1v1” in the search box near the top right of your screen.
  4. From here, you can either start looking through the list or use the options to narrow results.
    CSGO Sort By Popularity

    Note: To locate the best maps, select All Time for Over Time Period at the top of the list next to Sort By.

  5. When you find a good map, click Subscribe under its screenshots to download it.
    CSGO Workshop Subscribe
  6. It should automatically import into your game, even if it’s running.


Loading Custom Matches

Now that you’ve found a decent 1v1 map, loading it in-game is the next step. This can be used for testing purposes or to actually start the one on one. Some CS players may not know the map loading process, as it’s not immediately known in the menu. With this in mind, let’s go over the instructions for loading a custom map. However, if you want to load the map on a server, then review our guide here.

  1. Launch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from your Steam client, then click the Play button in-game.
  2. In the top left, click the drop down menu and select Workshop Maps.
    CSGO Workshop Maps
  3. Afterward, press the map you downloaded and click GO in the bottom right corner.
    CSGO Load Workshop Map
  4. This will load the match on it, and should allow other players to join.


Best 1v1 Workshop Maps

There are tons of maps for dueling, with some better than others. Due to the workshop’s design, CS:GO community members can rate levels to make it easier to find good ones to try. This is determined by how you searched for maps, but can still be noticeable in the lists. We’ll save you some time and review the top-rated 1v1 maps of all-time, so you can properly duel.


MIBR 1v1 – The popular CSGO team, MIBR, was the inspiration for this map. It’s filled with references to them, such as their place of origin and historical details. Additionally, this features surfing and soccer (football) for extra activities besides a 1v1. The main gamemode is classic, so Casual and Competitive can be played.

CSGO Aim Map 1v1

aim_map 1v1 – A simple classic mode map that has weapons on the ground to pick up and start fighting. There are barriers to hide behind and a top level to get a vantage point over the enemy. Some players prefer simplicity for a one vs one, as distractions can throw off aim.

CSGO 1v1 Metro

1v1 Metro – A highly detailed map with corner sections for movement and spots to hide. This is similar to Wingman maps, as they are small and offer a variety of key areas to use. It uses Arms Race, Deathmatch, and custom gamemodes, which should give enough options for a 1v1.


CSGO Aim Nevermore

Aim_Nevermore – This aesthetic map has many walls to hide behind and allows players to practice their aim. There are weapons on the ground when you spawn, which makes it easier to jump right into the action. As for its modes, every single one is available to try out.

CSGO AWP Dustarena

AWP DUSTARENA – It’s a simplistic map that only offers classic modes with an awp, so this is a good match for sniper practice. There is a structure in the middle, where players can go inside or on top to continue fighting. A fun little feature with this map are chickens, as they are scattered around for you to slay after winning a round.

CSGO 1v1 Deagle

1v1 deagle – Using only desert eagles, this map allows for pistol 1v1s to prove your skill. It only has classic modes with standard barriers and ramps for different combat styles. This is the smallest map out of the other recommended ones, which might be preferable to some players.



Playing on dedicated 1v1 maps makes the duel smoother and more effective, rather than the default ones. Additionally, the unique gamemodes help create better suited features for one-on-one combat. Finding map groups would be best, as battling over and over on the same one can become boring. There is a wide range of themed levels to choose from, so start exploring the CSGO Workshop to find the perfect 1v1 environment and jump straight into battle!

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