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Add Scheduled Tasks To Your Minecraft Server

Last modified on Feb 13, 2020 in control panel

mc head By ApexHosting

What is a Scheduled Task?

Our control panel at Apex makes it easy to automate commands for your servers using scheduled tasks. Scheduling tasks allow you to automate a great number server management actions like backing up, restarting, or broadcasting messages by utilizing commands.

To access your tasks you need to navigate to the left side menu under the server details page and select Scheduled Tasks. You will then be directed to the task list with several tasks already issued for your server (backup, restart, and restart warning).

To create a new task, navigate over to the left side menu once more and select New Task.

Creating a new Scheduled Task

Start off by giving your task a name. In most cases it’s convenient to name it with the action it will perform.

You can then change the status of the task to “Scheduled” which will enable the task or “Paused” to temporarily disable it.

Scheduled Time*
Then you will need to set up when it will first run by clicking the Scheduled Time input to access the calendar and time selector.

You can then set the task to run at an interval after the initial Scheduled Time, otherwise, it will only run once.

Lets you send a whispered message in response to running the command to the player who issued it.

This defines what Command will be executed at the respective scheduled time and set interval. You select from a list of pre-generated commands or create your own command.

If your command has any additional arguments i.e the say command, you can add the text you want to say here.

Run For*
This sets the task to run only if a certain player is on or always if “Server” is selected.

Once satisfied, click create and the task will be placed in a queue to be processed. This is all available through your control panel interface.