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How To Add Minecraft Commands To Your Server

Panel Commands are special functions that can be executed by the panel or in-game to perform a particular task such as backing up, restarting or even issuing in-game commands on the server.

To create a command in Minecraft, you’ll need to navigate over to the left side management options menu and click Commands. From there you can see some pre-generated cool Minecraft commands included with the server and create new ones by navigating over to the management options and clicking “Create Command”.

Creating a new command


When creating a new command, we start off by giving it a unique name. In most cases it will be one that defines that action of the command. For example, will name ours “Cake”.

Required Role

To run this command, the player needs to have a role greater than or equal to the one defined in this setting. Now depending on what your command does you may want to limit access to it by setting a required role. But for this example we leave it at “None” so all players can get cake.


This define a command that has to have been run before executing the respective command, in our case to receive cake.


This defines the string the player will need to say in-game in order to run the command. For example, will put cake and when we want to be given cake we would need to open the chat in-game and start our message off with the word “cake”.


Send a whispered message in response to running the command to the player who issued it.


This define the command to be run when the respective chat is entered in game; i.e we want to give any player who starts their message off with “cake” a single piece of cake.

You can use the Minecraft commands along with some built in commands and variables offered by Multicraft.

e.g Will use the Minecraft give command and add a variable from Multicraft (%n) that inputs the name of the player who said the command to give them a single piece of cake (item id 354).

The full command would look like:

give %n 354 1

Once satisfied, click the Create button to save your entry to make it available for use.

Now whenever anyone on the server starts a message with the word cake, they will be given cake.