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Wolf Armor Minecraft

Posted: Feb 23, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Fighting hostile mobs in the forest, our timid Minecraft adventurer alongside their wolf companions battle against the odds. While slaying zombies and skeletons, one of the wolves succumbed to a creeper explosion. This provoked our now scared adventurer, resulting in retreat. If only something could have protected our fallen comrade – wait, there is! In the most recent update of Minecraft, wolf armor was introduced to the game. Our adventurer doesn’t know this yet and begins preparing a funeral for their lost companion. Later on in the journey, they decide to search for desert temples near savanna biomes.

While exploring the blocky land, a curious new creature is rolling around. An armadillo! Our adventurer bravely charges against the mob, hoping it’s not hostile. Turns out, the creature is passive but makes rapid movements. This frightened our main character, so they kept their distance from the armadillo. Only after understanding its behaviors and realizing scute was obtainable from them, a revelation was born! Our adventurer found the perfect solution to protect their comrades in Minecraft – wolf armor.

How to Craft Wolf Armor

Our main character decides to take upon the challenge to craft wolf armor in Minecraft. This process requires time and effort, as armadillos are the only source for required ingredients. Additionally, the amount needed too is a lot. Eventually, our adventurer managed to make wolf armor to protect their wolves. Let’s find out how they did that and what advantages come from it!

Collecting Armadillo Scutes

They started by first crafting a brush, originally used for excavating lost treasures. Instead of digging items from suspicious sand, our intelligent adventurer decided to put a theory to the test. Oh look – Armadillo Scute! Apparently, these items drop when using the brush item on armadillos. Now our character unlocked a new crafting recipe, wolf armor. They’ll need to continue collecting enough scute beforehand though.

Armadillo Scute Minecraft


Wolf Armor Crafting Recipe

Wolf Armor Minecraft Recipe

The time has come! Our intuitive adventurer can finally craft wolf armor in Minecraft. All that’s required is x6 armadillo scute, placed specifically in a workbench. Once achieved, they’ll have very durable armor for their furry companions. Over time, enough of these sets were created to completely enshroud the wolf army with decked out equipment. Now our fearless adventurer can set forth new battles in confidence, without any worry from creepers.


Wolf Armor Advantages

During battles, our main character notices many advantages from using Minecraft wolf armor. One primary example is its strong protection against any attacks, totalling over 11 armor points. This means that even netherite swords don’t deal as much damage – critical hits included! Beyond this amazing benefit, another one noticed by our adventurer is the stylish appeal. Who knows, maybe in the future Minecraft opens the door for dyed wolf armor.

Minecraft Wolf Armor


Minecraft Adventures with Wolves

As we say goodbye to our adventurer and their many stacked wolves, they continue embarking on new journeys across the Minecraft realm. Fights against hordes of mobs in trial chambers to defeat the ender dragon, we can safely say that they’re going to be fine. Alas, their furry comrades have strong wolf armor to protect them against harmful attacks. The main character now understands the importance of armadillo scute and its value for this equipment. Whether they decide to recruit ten or hundreds of wolves, stacking each one up with armor is crucial for their survival. Until next time, adventurers!

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