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Armadillos in Minecraft – Beta Release

Posted: Jan 15, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

During the Mob Vote 2023 for Minecraft, players cast their votes for the armadillo rather than crabs or penguins. This means that Mojang will eventually introduce the new creature with future updates. The time has come! The Minecraft Snapshot 23w51b allows you to find these critters in the world, with Bedrock Preview also providing you with that opportunity. What benefits do they offer players? Where can you find armadillos in Minecraft? Unlike some mobs, these ones provide unique perks to those lucky enough to stumble upon them. They might even help you make wolf armies unless they get too scared and run away. In any event, let’s begin to unravel the mystery behind armadillos in Minecraft!

Armadillos in Minecraft

As of writing this, armadillos aren’t fully developed yet. This is due to them currently being in beta releases of Minecraft, meaning their behaviors, item drops, and other features can change. Regardless of this, we have a good understanding of the direction where Mojang will go with armadillos. For example, these creatures will only spawn in savannas and nowhere else in the world – sounds reasonable since their real-life counterparts prefer similar environments. We’ll discuss their current behaviors, obtainable items, and what they offer players in Minecraft.


When encountering an armadillo in Minecraft, make sure to avoid scaring them. They often get spooked and will avoid danger at all costs, hiding themselves in their shelly armor. Whenever they feel safe, armadillos will slowly roam the savanna terrain. If you happen to have spider eyes in your inventory, consider feeding them! This is their favorite food and dislikes other food items.

Armadillo Minecraft



Armadillo Scute Minecraft

Instead of killing armadillos for items, use brushes to gather scutes. Players can constantly do this an unlimited amount of times. This is amplified when enchanting brushes with unbreaking or having enough of them, as they do have durability. You can build and own an armadillo farm in Minecraft, as even one mob can provide you with everything.


Wolf Armor

After gathering enough armadillo scute in Minecraft, players can craft wolf armor. This was the primary goal for those voting for this mob in the vote. Wolf armor is as strong as diamonds, meaning your furry companions can pack a punch against any hostile creature. Use the crafting book to discover its recipe and begin building your wolf army!

Wolf Armor Minecraft


Minecraft Beta Access

The only way to begin playing with armadillos in Minecraft is to access the Java Snapshot or Preview / Beta release of Bedrock. In future versions, you’ll be able to fully enjoy this mob without needing to access experimental types. Keep in mind that minor bugs, issues, or missing features might appear with armadillos since they aren’t completely developed. While in-game, begin exploring savanna biomes to find and use them to strengthen your wolves. Otherwise, admire its cuteness and build habitats to keep them safe from predators. The choice is yours – have fun friends with armadillos in Minecraft or continue your grand adventure. Catch you next time, gamers!

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