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Sky Factory 4 Server

Last modified on Oct 30, 2019 in modpacks

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What Is it Sky Factory 4

Skyfactory 4 is a modpack for version 1.12.2, loaded with sorcery, automation, and featuring a wide variety of food mods. There are so many mods in this, clocking in at 204 mods, this is sure to keep you and your buddies busy for a long while. Applied Energistics, Astral Sorcery, BiblioCraft, Chisels and Bits, Ender Core, Tinkers Construct, Thermal, and much more.

Plus to keep your server patrons busy, there is a prestige and achievement mode to check up on your progress in the world. You can access that through mod commands. Amazing modpack if you like skyblock adventures, but find vanilla boring when you run out of things to do early on. You definitely won’t have this issue on here.

Installing through the panel

  1. Our first step will be installing Skyfactory 4 into our server. We will start this process by logging into the game panel. At the panel page we will scroll down to the jar selection drop-down, search for sky factory 4, and select it. You can scroll to search for it, or just type it in the search bar.
  2. In the configuration files, you will copy and paste the bracketed text from whatever world version you want. Make sure to copy and paste into the generator and level type text boxes.
  3. Create a new world and restart your server.

Twitch Installation

  1. Open up twitch and click on the mods tab. If it is not one of the most popular mods at the moment, you can just search it up, and then install it.
  2.  Through twitch, open up the Skyfactory 4 mod panel and then launch your profile. After Minecraft loads up, go to the multiplayer page, input your information, and connect.

Why Skyfactory 4?

Skyfactory offers endless adventures for you and your server patrons. Varying from the island you spawn on, to the quests you go on. Want to be a factory creator? Create machines that produce wonders, like energy machines to power your cobble generators. Get to the point that you’re over cobble? Think almost any block in production by the second. Maybe don’t want to go from island to island to get resources, create chests that transfer via signal! Maybe even a jetpack that gets energy wirelessly, and can be powered by battery. Perhaps you do not want to be a technological mastermind. Maybe, you want to be a mystical marvel, a supreme sorcerer of sorts. Progress naturally and have torches placed with your every step. Or wands that defend against high damage blows and fall damage. Remember about going from island to island? Make it easier by getting the Vicio wand and soaring around like the wizard you really are inside

Additional Notes

If you want to generate a new world you must change the name of the world. BUT if you want to change the world generation, you must STOP the server, adjust the generator settings and level type, followed by a save and a restart of the server.

Make sure you only enter anything after an equals sign into the corresponding input as failure to do so will result in; a server that refuses to

Sky Factory 4 Classic:

generator-settings={"Topography-Preset":"Sky Factory 4"}
Sky Village:
generator-settings={"Topography-Preset":"Sky Village"}



There are some commands that may benefit you in the long run when you play on your server with your friends.

	/topography island new [player] - Generates the player a new island, and teleports them to it.
	/together invite  - which teams you up with other players on your server.


Common Issue & Fix

If you’re running into additional issues with your world not loading, just go into console and type `/fml confirm`. Or use live chat and the wonderful team will do it for you.

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