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Sinytra Connector Mod for Minecraft

Posted: Apr 9, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Choosing which mods to install in Minecraft can be challenging, as there are thousands of them available online. These all can either support Forge or Fabric, which are APIs to allow modifications. Players cannot mix these two together, as that’d result in crashes and errors. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this situation – Sinytra Connector. This mod bridges the gap, as you’re able to use Fabric on Forge! In other words, you can install almost anything you want without worrying about incompatibility. However, this has some downsides since some mods could potentially be problematic with Sinytra Connector. Let’s learn more about this and how you can install it on your own Minecraft server or client.

Fabric Mods on Forge

The Sinytra Connector mod is for Forge but translates Fabric’s API to make those respective mods compatible. There is a lot of technical information, which can be found here if you want to learn more. Essentially, it changes the default internal code and allows new registries to be allowed. This results in a successful bridge between Forge and Fabric mods. However, in order to actually run anything – players must also use the Forgified Fabric API tool. This behaves just like any other modification but is a dependency to Sinytra Connector. Once everything is configured properly, you can install almost anything you want! This might even work with modpacks, large collections of mods.

Sinytra Connector Mod


Potential Issues

Keep in mind that not every Fabric mod will work on Forge with Sinytra Connector, as some are simply incompatible. Whether it be the game version or code, it’s possible that you might encounter such a situation. As it stands, only Minecraft 1.20.1 is supported. Make sure to remember this when setting up other mods. However, issues can still occur even with that said. If you’ve noticed that the game crashed or the server won’t load, consider reverting any recently made changes – including mods that were installed. Continue doing this until your mods all sync with Sinytra Connector!

How to Install Sinytra Connector in Minecraft

How to Use Fabric on Forge

The process is exactly the same as installing mods on your client or dedicated server. This means all you have to do is transfer the JAR file(s) to your “/mods” directory accordingly. Locating this on your computer is determined by what launcher is used for Minecraft. We highly recommend using CurseForge, as it’s the easiest way to begin playing with mods. Besides this, there is a required addon for Sinytra Connector to work properly – Fortified Fabric API. You can find both mod links down below, along with instructions to install them on your client or server.

Download Links

Sinytra Connector
Forgified Fabric API

Client Setup

  1. Download both mod files and save them on your computer for later.
  2. Navigate to your launcher’s mods directory and transfer the file accordingly.
    Local Mods Folder Minecraft
  3. Begin to load it up using Forge and other Fabric mods to confirm it works.
    *More information about this process can be found here.


Server Setup

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access.
  2. Login with your credentials and enter the mods directory.
    Minecraft Server Mods Folder
  3. Click Upload at the top left, then drag and drop the downloaded mod files.
  4. Wait for these to reach 100%, then Restart the server from the main panel.
    *Find out more about this by visiting our tutorial.


Minecraft Forge & Fabric

With the Sinytra Connector by your side, the power of Fabric comes to Minecraft Forge! Whether you want world generators, new weapons, optimization, or other extra features – you have all the tools ready to do that. This can be done on servers and clients, but make sure the required dependency is installed so no issues arise. We wish you the best of luck, have a good one!

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