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Server Customization Options for The Forest

Last modified on Aug 22, 2022 in The Forest

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The Forest customization options


When running a server for The Forest, you might want to make some changes to the game to better suit your playstyle. Changing the settings can be daunting if you aren’t familiar with managing server files. Luckily, with the use of basic commands and customization options it is possible to easily change the server’s difficulty, enable cheats, and set your server’s public name. For The Forest you can also change your save slots and enable unique game modes such as vegetarian mode. Here is a complete list of customization options available through the Apex Hosting control panel.



The Forest customizations tab

To access your server’s customization options, you will need to log in to your control panel. Once you have logged in, stop the server by pressing the red Stop button, then click on the Customizations tab in the menu on the left side of the page.


Server Management

The Forest save slot options
Init Type

This option tells the server if it should create a new game each time it restarts, or if it should continue your most recent save. Please note, if you leave this on New Game, a new game will be created every time the server restarts.

Save Interval

The save interval controls how frequently the server saves your progress. The default interval is 10 minutes, but this can be increased or decreased to suit your needs.

Server Name

You can use this option to control what name appears in the game’s multiplayer list. This is how other players will find your server if they don’t have the server’s address.

Save Slot

The Forest servers can have up to 5 different save slots to choose from. You can swap between these slots by using the available dropdown menu in the customizations menu. The server will load the save or create a new game in your chosen slot after it restarts.


Security Options

The Forest security options

Admin Password

The admin password is what you and your server mods will use to access admin commands. This can be changed at any time. Making sure this is a strong password will go a long way to keeping your server safe and secure.

Enable VAC

When this box is ticked the Valve Anti-Cheat system will be enabled on your server. We recommend doing this to maintain your server’s security, but it can be turned off to allow your players to use glitches and certain cheats without worrying about being banned.

The Forest password and GSLT options
Server Password

This may be the most useful security feature available for The Forest servers. Players will need to enter the server password to be able to join your game. If they do not have the correct password they will not be able to connect to the server.

Steam Server Login Token

This is arguably the most important setting for the entire server. Without the Steam Server Login Token, the server will not start. You can create a login token from the steam website. Please note that you must own a copy of the game to be able to create a token.


Difficulty Settings

The Forest difficulty settings
Allow Cheats

This option allows all of your players to use basic commands while on the server. This does not give them access to admin commands, but can be used for basic cheat commands such as adding items and finding passengers.

Allow Enemies in Creative

By default, enemies are disabled when you are playing in creative mode. This option will allow enemies to spawn even if you are playing in creative mode while on the server.

No Building Destruction

This option is fairly self-explanatory. When enabled, players and enemies will be unable to damage or destroy any buildings that have been constructed in the world.

Realistic Player Damage

When enabled, this option will make players take a lot more damage during gameplay. This is a good choice if you are looking for a challenge. It can be combined with a higher difficulty level if you like frustrating your players.


The Forest has several difficulty levels available for you to choose from. This dropdown menu allows you to pick the difficulty that best suits your needs.


Gamemode Settings

The Forest gamemode options
The Forest gamemode options
Reset Holes Mode

When this option is enabled, the server will fix any holes created in the world. This only happens when a save is being loaded, so you may need to restart your server for the changes to take effect.

Tree Grow Mode

Tree Grow Mode will cause 10% of any cut-down trees to regrow when you go to sleep on the server. You will need to restart your server after enabling this option for the changes to take effect.

Vegan Mode

Vegan Mode disables all enemies from spawning. You and your players will be free to roam the world without worrying about being attacked by the monsters inhabiting the forest.

Vegetarian Mode

This option is fairly similar to Vegan Mode. When enabled, enemies will not appear during the day. You and your players will be free to explore during the day but will need to take shelter and be prepared for attack once night falls.


The Forest has plenty of customization options available for everyone to use and enjoy. The available customization options will allow you to control your server’s difficulty, create new saves, and enable certain cheats. These extra tools and settings are very flexible and allow you to change them at any time to suit your needs. Customization options are a great way to expand your server’s gameplay options for your players to enjoy.

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