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Rust Admin Commands

in Rust

mc head By Nathan Young

Rust Admin Commands


Using commands in Rust can be confusing, especially if you’re a brand new server owner. This is due to all the different possibilities, from controlling entities to configuring settings. Whether you’re managing other players or simply customizing the world, using admin commands is essential for creating a unique and wonderful Rust experience. Without knowing them, you’ll have a difficult time managing most aspects in-game. For instance, if a rule breaker goes without being punished, griefing may happen to other players. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you the best admin commands in Rust.

Best Commands

As briefly mentioned above, there are many kinds of commands to use in Rust. These vastly range from managing players to controlling the server settings. However, this requires you to become an admin since most of these can be abused in the game. We’ve compiled a list of the best commands for specific categories, which will hopefully help you make a Rust server. Continue to review the tables below to understand more about them to get started. Afterward, we’ll showcase how to use them in-game and through the server’s console.

Player Management

This section provides you with useful commands to better manage your players.

banid [steamID64] [reason]Punish a player by banning them from the server.
banlistexReturns a complete list of banned users with their reasons.
kick [steamID64] [reason]Forcibly remove a player from the server.
kickallRemoves all players from the server.
moderatorid [steamID64]Give moderator permissions to a player.
removemoderator [steamid64]Remove moderator permissions for a player.
unban [steamID64]Unban a player from the server.
entity.deleteby [steamID64] [steamID64] […]Removes all placed materials by a specific user or users.
teleport [username] [username]Instantly transport to another player.
killplayer [username]Automatically kills a player.
clearinventory [username]Deletes all items from a user’s inventory.


World Control

This table shows multiple commands for controlling the surrounding environment.

baseridableanimal.decayminutes [value]Horse’s duration until it dies being unattended, in minutes.
basesubmarine.deepwaterdecayminutes [value]The depletion of a submarine’s health in deep water, in minutes.
bear.population [amount]Active bear population on the server, per square km.
entity.spawn [material]Instantly spawns an entity where you’re looking at in-game.
horse.population [amount]Active horse population on the server, per square km.
supply.callInitiate airdrops in random areas in the map.
vehicle.fixcarsFixes all vehicles on the server.


Global Options

This area displays global commands that impact many players.

chat.historysize [value]The amount of messages that remain in chat’s history.
craft.instant [true/false]Determines if the server allows for instant crafting.
fps.limit [value]Sets the maximum frames per second.
gamemode.set [mode]Changes the server’s gamemode type.
global.god [true/false]Toggles god mode for all admins on the server.
giveall [item] [amount]Give items to everyone on the server.
server.idlekickSets the amount of time in minutes to kick AFK players.
server.radiation [true/false]Forces the server to disallow or allow radiation.



The following commands have a wide range of functionality rather than focusing on a category.

debug.noclipToggles administrative flight.
statusReturns basic server information and connected players.
server.combatlogProvides the player combat log.
server.corpses [true/false]Controls if players enter the wounded crawling state.


How to Use Commands

There are two methods for using commands, in-game or the server’s console. Most of the time, you’ll be using the first way, but some cases may warrant the other one. Regardless of which method you want to use, they’ll accomplish the same goal. Review the two ways down below to see which one best suits your needs.

In-game Console

  1. Open Rust from Steam and join your server, then wait for everything to load.
  2. When you’ve joined, press F1 on your keyboard to open the console.
  3. Proceed to type or paste any command you’d like, then hit Enter.
    Rust Godmode Command
  4. If successful, there may be a return message or noticeable change in-game.


Server Console

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click Console near the top left.
    Rust Server Console
  2. Proceed to enter your desired command in the text box below.
  3. Afterward, continue to press Send to the far right so it executes.
    Rust Idlekick command
  4. If successful, there’s likely a return message or change in-game.


Common Issues

Commands Aren’t Working

In cases where commands aren’t working, you’ll want to double-check the arguments for them. This includes any values, words, spelling, and anything else that may be incorrectly used. Once confirmed and the situation persists, then make sure you’re an administrator by using the ownerid [steamID64] command in the server console. Afterward, try again in-game and it should work without any future problems.

Changes Aren’t Saving

If you’re unable to save any changes you’ve made through commands, then try executing save in the server console. Afterward, type writecfg and see if that helps the situation. These commands will try to save and rewrite configuration files to ensure that everything works out. Otherwise, you may want to see about installing plugins to your Rust server to permanently add features.

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