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How to Add Plugins to a Proxy Server in Minecraft

Last modified on Mar 3, 2022 in Plugins

mc head By Dalton Whalen



Within Minecraft, plugins are often used to expand gameplay, while proxy servers link multiple servers together. It is possible to add plugins to the proxy server as well, which can further expand the gameplay elements across all servers. With Apex Hosting, it is very easy to install plugins on your own server, so today we will be covering the types of plugins for proxy servers and how to get them installed!


A majority of proxy servers, such as Bungeecord, automatically have Bukkit built into it. This means that a “plugins” folder should already be generated for use, allowing for easy drag and drop uploads. There are two types of proxy plugins that can be used:

Proxy-Side Plugins:

Proxy Plugin LP

These plugins are made specifically to be installed on a proxy and will communicate accordingly. An example of this is LuckPerms, which has a proxy-specific download available.

These types of plugins will often affect the proxy server itself, or provide changes that can affect all servers at once.

Server-Side Plugins:

Proxy Plugin Server Select

These plugins are installed on normal servers, but can communicate with other servers that are linked together. An example are server selector plugins which can transport a player between servers from in-game.

How to Install Proxy Plugins:

The process for installing proxy plugins is very similar to other bukkit-based servers, so those familiar with that process will have an easier time understanding the process.

  1. Download your desired Proxy plugin(s).
    Proxy Plugin List
  2. Navigate to your Apex Server Panel.
  3. Turn off the server, then navigate to the “FTP File Access” on the left.
  4. Log in, then enter the “plugins” folder.
    Proxy Plugin FTP
  5. Press “Upload” in the top-left, then drag and drop the desired .jar plugin file.
  6. Once at 100% uploaded, click the server name at the top, then start the server.
      The plugin has now been installed and should be accessible for use in-game or through configuration!



      Overall, adding plugins to a proxy server setup is a great option to add new features to your servers, improve aesthetics, or add moderation features. With so many proxy-compatible plugins, there are many to choose from and add to your game. It can be tough to know where to start, so we will also provide some common plugins to take a look at and consider using for your own server!

      Common Bungee-Compatible Plugins:

      LuckPerms – Can be synced through a MySQL database to provide permissions to all servers, or separate permissions by individual servers

      ServerListPlus – Allows the MOTD to be customized in the multiplayer server list.

      AdvancedBan – A plugin to provide warnings, mutes, and bans across your servers.

      TabList – Customize the [Tab] menu seen in-game. A tablist can be customized for each server.

      ServerSelectorX Free – Configure custom menus to transfer you between servers from the lobby.

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