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MoreMobHeads Minecraft Plugin

Last modified on Jul 31, 2023 in Plugins

mc head By Nathan Young


Hosting a Minecraft server allows you to fully customize the gameplay, leading to creative gamemodes and unique experiences. One of these is giving players permission to use head blocks, such as mob skulls. By default, they’re already in the game but lack variation. This can be solved if you’re using Paper or other Bukkit servers, as you can use MoreMobHeads, a Spigot plugin to add more heads in the world. This is primarily used for decoration, as there are small blocks builders use to add detail. Other times, it’s used for showing off popular players you’ve killed in combat. Additionally, the plugin is fully configurable with many settings to edit towards your liking. Keeping this in mind, let’s learn how to install and use the MoreMobHead plugin on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


  1. Navigate to MoreMobHeads on Spigot, then press Download Now.
    MoreMobHeads Spigot Download
  2. Save this JAR file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.
  3. Head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP Server

    Important: Make sure to use the correct Server Profile for this installation.

  4. Login with your password, then continue towards the plugins directory.
  5. From here, press Upload in the top left corner and drag the file into the respective area.
    MoreMobHeads Server Installation
  6. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main panel.
  7. Once there, Restart the server and join to run the /plugins command.
    Minecraft Plugins Command
  8. This will display “MoreMobHeads” as green, meaning it’s enabled and working.


Note: If you’re not using the latest game version, then choose the other plugin builds for the correct setup. This is located near the top of MoreMobHead’s Spigot description, which allows you to instantly download any variant you need.

MoreMobHead Plugin Versions


Getting Started

Upon installing the plugin on your Minecraft server, the gameplay will be unchanged. This is due to MoreMobHead’s functionality, allowing players to spawn or loot dropped heads. These items can be obtained through commands, and killing mobs or other users. Using the plugin is simple and involves hardly any work, unless you want to configure its settings. That requires using our easy-to-use panel editor, which we’ll be going over and everything else you need to get started.

Mob/Player Heads

Minecraft Dropped Heads

The first task you’ll want to do is try killing another player, as this will have a 50% chance to drop their head. Otherwise, kill any mob for a low chance to obtain their skull. These will drop just like any other item, but the Looting enchantment does help improve its rate. Everything about the heads, from its name to the lore can be changed via the configuration files. Additionally, their respective drop chances are configurable if you want. This feature helps with managing how many players receive heads, as they tend to be sold within in-game marketplaces.

Minecraft Block Heads

Alternatively, block heads can be obtained and spawned into the world for decoration. These can be traded by wandering traders, with custom heads that any lucky player can get. Using them in your base or other structures can bring it more to life. For example, having smaller chests or barrels adds more detail to your design. Otherwise, it can be used as a fun little feature at your world’s spawn or hub.

Custom Trades

MoreMobHeads Custom Trader

As for the custom trades, they take emeralds and sometimes unique blocks to get the heads. This is the only way for default players to obtain these items. Each of these trades can be customized to your liking , but that may involve some technical work. Either way, each trader provides more than enough items, as you can get 8 out of one block and emerald. This makes it so much easier to collect and build a stash of them, which could be traded among other players.



The most important aspect to MoreMobHeads is its settings, as these control the head drop chance, blacklisted mob/worlds, custom trades, and more. We’ll be focusing on the main configuration file, but the other chance_config.yml and custom_trades.yml ones are also noteworthy. There aren’t any suggested options, as it’s entirely up to you for an ideal setup on your Minecraft server.

  1. Navigate towards the FTP File Access area from your server panel.
  2. Login with your password, then enter in the plugins directory.
    Minecraft Plugins Folder
  3. From here, enter in the MoreMobHeads folder and locate the config.yml file.
  4. Once found, click Edit to the far right of it and start making your changes.
    MoreMobHeads Config.yml File
  5. When you’re done editing the file, continue to Save at the top.
    MoreMobHeads Plugin Settings
  6. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the changes.



Before using any MoreMobHead commands, you’ll need to install LuckPerms or another permission node manager. This allows you to create ranks that have permissions to use abilities, meaning you can use the plugin. Normally, server operators can run all commands, but this setup is a bit different. This is due to the plugin’s design, hence you’ll need to use a plugin to manage permissions. Regardless of this, review the list below to see what you can use in-game. For example, using the /mmh givemh command gives you a mob’s head.

/mmh reloadmoremobheads.reloadReloads the config files, applying any new changes to the server.
/mmh givemhmoremobheads.giveGives the player a mob head.
/mmh givebhmoremobheads.giveGives the player a block head.
/mmh givephmoremobheads.giveGives the player another person’s head.
/mmh playerheadsmoremobheads.playerheadsAccess to the main playerhead commands.
/mmh customtradermoremobheads.customtraderAccess to the main customtrader commands.
/mmh fixheadmoremobheads.fixheadAllows you to add NBT data to a head block.


Common Issues

Unable to Run Commands
This will be the most popular issue with the plugin, as there is no way to run its commands unless you set up a permissions system. This is mainly done through LuckPerms, but there can be other plugins to accomplish the same result. Once you have the nodes assigned to your account or rank, the commands will work in-game. Otherwise, this could be an indication that the plugin is disabled.

Plugin Isn’t Enabled or Loading
If after installing the plugin and it fails, then double-check you downloaded the correct type. There are specific ones for certain game versions, which is required for MoreMobHeads to load without issues. Otherwise, this could be a server profile issue where you’re using the incorrect one for the setup. In other words, you’re installing the plugin on the wrong instance of your files. Once everything is compatible and installed in the right directory and profile, it’ll work.

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