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Instant Craft Rust Plugin

in Rust

mc head By Nathan Young

Instant Craft Rust Plugin


Building bases or creating weapons takes time in Rust, which varies depending on the item you craft. If it’s higher grade materials, it’ll be longer until it’s made and can become problematic for your server’s players. Solving this requires the Instant Craft plugin, allowing users to easily create any items without wasting time. For example, crafting weapons is now completely automatic and happens without hesitation once started. This plugin gives you the ability to completely customize what materials can be instantly created, among other aspects. It’s all configured and installed through our easy-to-use panel, aiming to simplify the process for you. With this in mind, let’s learn how to install and use the Instant Craft plugin on your Rust server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

Server Installation

  1. Navigate to Instant Craft on uMod, then press the Download button.
    Instant Craft Rust Plugin Download
  2. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.
  3. Afterward, head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Rust Server FTP

    Important: Make sure to be using the correct Server Profile for this installation.

  4. Login with your password, then enter in the oxide directory.
    Rust Server Oxide Folder
  5. From here, select the plugins folder and press Upload at the top left corner.
  6. Drag and drop the file into the respective area, then wait for it to reach 100%.
    Instant Craft Rust Plugin Installation
  7. Once it’s finished, return to the main panel and Restart the server so it loads.


Ensure uMod Support is enabled from the Customizations section in the main panel, as this is required for any plugin to work. If this isn’t toggled, then check mark the option and Restart the server.

Rust Server uMod Support


Getting Started

Upon joining the server, you may notice that items aren’t instantly craftable. This is intentional, as the plugin requires permission for players to use it. Use oxide commands to add the instantcraft.use ability for a user or group to get started. Once permission is granted, you’ll be able to instantly craft any item you want. However, the plugin’s configuration allows for blacklisting items from being automatically created. Additionally, you can set specific materials to have their normal crafting time. Besides this, there isn’t much else to the Instant Craft plugin.

Crafting Items

Rust Instant Craft Plugin

When a player has permissions, crafting any item or material becomes instant. This is the main aspect to the plugin, which helps with immediate combat situations or faster building. Just make sure you have enough resources or carefully decide how many you wish to make, as you’re unable to cancel these actions. Remember, this will not work if the material is blacklisted or otherwise considered “normal” for its crafting time.


As for Instant Craft’s settings, they’re accessible from the server files. There is only one file to edit, containing a handful of options to change. These will determine what items are blacklisted, considered normal, among other aspects such as splitting created material stacks. Follow the instructions below to access and edit the plugin’s configuration file.

  1. Head towards your FTP File Access area from the server panel, then login.
  2. Once there, enter in the oxide directory and select the config folder.
    Rust Server Config Folder
  3. Next, locate the InstantCraft.json file and press Edit to the far right of it.
    Instant Craft Rust Plugin Config
  4. Proceed to make any necessary changes and click Save at the top when you’re done.
    Instant Craft Rust Plugin Settings
  5. Restart the server from the main panel and join to confirm the edits were applied.


Common Issues

Plugin Isn’t Working
In cases where the Instant Craft plugin doesn’t function properly, it’s likely that the server didn’t load it. Make sure to Restart after uploading the file in the …/oxide/plugins directory. If it persists, then double-check you’re using the correct server profile for this installation. Additionally, you may not have the right permissions activated. Ensure to be using instantcraft.use for each player or group you want using this plugin. All these solutions combined will get everything working on the server.
Settings Aren’t Saving
Another common problem is the plugin’s config not working properly, which may indicate that you aren’t saving or applying the changes. Make sure to click Save at the top of the file editor in the panel, then Restart the server from the main area. Otherwise, it could be related to how you’ve edited the settings. It’s crucial that every blacklisted or normal item is defined with quotation marks. In other words, mimic the same format you see in the file and continue to apply the changes.

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