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Hybrid Aquatic Mod

Last modified on Jun 11, 2024 in Mods

mc head By Nathan Young

In 2018, Minecraft released the Aquatic Update to introduce new features to the oceans. These included new biomes for them, along with tons of fish and coral. However, this update didn’t satisfy everyone in the community who wished for a complete transformation of the ocean. Due to this, modders decided to add more features in the bluey waters for a more immersive experience. One such mod is known as Hybrid Aquatic for Minecraft Fabric 1.19.2 to 1.20.4 – offering you and others more sea creatures, dedicated equipment for diving, along with enhanced fishing. This is a perfect addition to your Minecraft server to begin playing with friends, as the oceans are now revamped with tons of new exciting features to explore. In this Apex Hosting guide, we’ll show you how to get started with the Hybrid Aquatic mod for Minecraft.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Hybrid Aquatic on CurseForge, then click Files at the top.
    Hybrid Aquatic CurseForge
  2. Search for your desired Game Version and click its three vertical dots.
  3. Proceed to press the Download File button, then save its file on your desktop.
    Minecraft Hybrid Aquatic Mod Download
  4. Repeat this process for Fabric API, Language Kotlin, and GeckoLib as it’s required.


Client Installation

Before playing with Hybrid Aquatic, you and others alike need to download Fabric on the Minecraft launcher. This is extremely simple with their well-developed installer program, only taking a few minutes to set up. Once you’re finished, review the steps below.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher, then click the Folder icon for your Fabric profile.
    Minecraft Fabric Folder
  2. Locate the mods directory and move all downloaded files into this area.
    Minecraft Mods Folder

    *If you don’t have this folder, create it before adding the files inside.

  3. Return to the launcher, then click Play on your modded profile to load it up.


Server Setup

Similar to the client installation for Hybrid Aquatic, you need to set up Fabric on the Minecraft server. If you don’t already have one with us, purchase one before getting started. All that’s required is to select Fabric with your corresponding version from the Game File area in the main panel. Afterward, you can follow along below to install the mod.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Login with your credentials and enter the mods directory from the list.
    Minecraft Server Mods Folder
  3. Continue to click Upload, then drag and drop the files accordingly.
    Minecraft Server Add Mods
  4. Restart the server from the main panel after all files reached 100%.


Hybrid Aquatic Showcase

Hybrid Aquatic Mod

The oceans in Minecraft can be too empty for some players, but with the Hybrid Aquatic mod – you’ll begin to see the wonders of sea life. Whether you stumble upon jellyfish or whales, there is always something to find in the murky waters. This is amplified by random drift wood, sometimes containing valuable loot. There are tons of features to this mod, so we’ll give you an overview of what to expect down below. Keep in mind that you’re able to fully see everything with cheats or operator permissions, while in creative mode.

New Fish

There are 30 new species of fish to find in Minecraft with the Hybrid Aquatic mod. These include Sunfish, Mahi Mahi, Opah, Moray Eel, Dragonfish, Toadfish, and many more. Each one has its own unique colors, patterns, and sizes! Finding them is determined by the ocean’s biome and location in the world. Keep this in mind when trying to hunt down specific fish in Minecraft, especially if you have custom bait items from the mod.

New Fish Minecraft
New Fish Minecraft

There are rare species of fish too, with most of them being large sea creatures only found in small spawning locations. We encourage you to use commands or creative mode if you’re having difficulty locating them. Alternatively, you can craft a boat and embark on a grand journey across the ocean in Minecraft. Who knows, perhaps you might stumble upon barrels of loot to help you catch one of these sea creatures.



One of the more dangerous sea creatures to find in Minecraft are sharks. There are 8 new species of them with the Hybrid Aquatic mod, which has similar spawn rates to fish. For instance, there is a Tiger Shark, Bull Shark, Hammerhead Shark, and even a Whale Shark. All of these creatures are large and can be hostile towards players, so be on the lookout while traveling across the seven seas. Otherwise, they may just bite you!

Sharks Minecraft
Sharks Minecraft

If you happen to get attacked by a shark in Minecraft, you might begin to bleed – a new effect that slowly eats away at your health. This isn’t a good way to die in-game, so we highly recommend having boats or frost walker boots to avoid sharks. If your goal is to catch one, then prepare yourself with healing items and equipment. Although, this is only achievable when you’re a skilled Minecraft fisherman.



Jellyfish Minecraft

One of the most alien-like creatures in this Hybrid Aquatic mod, and real life, is jellyfish. There are 11 new species of them to discover in Minecraft, ranging from small to large. For example, there is a Sea Nettle, Atolla Jellyfish, Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, among others. Jellyfish can be dangerous if you get too close, as they will sting you with their tentacles. For the most part, you can easily catch them without too many struggles. However, they might be challenging to find in the wild without using commands or spawn eggs.


What’s an ocean mod without crabs? Hybrid Aquatic introduces 11 new species of them, along with Lobsters, Shrimp, Crayfish, and Giant Isopods. For example, you might stumble upon a Spider Crab or Ghost Crab! Each one ranges in size and color, but all are tiny compared to other sea creatures. This makes them a bit harder to find naturally, especially without water breathing potions. Fortunately, you have the ability to use a diving suit with the mod.

Crabs Minecraft
Crabs Minecraft

Crabs in Minecraft are something many players always dreamed about, as they’re the forefront of oceans and beaches. Whether you want one as a pet or simply to collect its item drops, the Hybrid Aquatic mod has you covered. Just make sure to scout the ocean floors, as this is their homeground. Occasionally, you might find them on land depending on its species – disregarding shrimp or other crustaceans.



With the Hybrid Aquatic mod for Minecraft, players can now discover new types of squid, octopus, and other species. There are 6 in total to encounter, with most being relatively small sea creatures. They are also harmless for the most part, making them a beautiful sight to view while traversing the depths of oceans. This is amplified by their colors and patterns, as some even have unique variations. These are perfect for your aquarium habitat!

New Squids Minecraft
Octopus Minecraft

Whether you find an Umbrella Octopus or a Firefly Squid, they tend to be common in all oceans of Minecraft. Some of them prefer deep waters, so you might have to take a dive before admiring them with your own eyes. They also spawn in packs, but not very large ones – so don’t hunt them down to extinction! If you happen to kill one, they’ll drop unique items to help your oceanic adventures.


Other Features

Hybrid Aquatic Mod Guide

This was just a snippet of all the features in Hybrid Aquatic! There are many others, including buoys, driftwood, crates, plushies, deep-sea diving equipment, nets, different types of baits, and so much more. One might say there even is a special mini-boss to summon with a custom item. Take the time to explore the depths – treasures await you. If you want to view everything from the Hybrid Aquatic mod for Minecraft Fabric, then use creative mode. This allows you to quickly glance at everything included in it.

Aquatic Adventures with Friends!

Many players tend to avoid the oceans in Minecraft, especially before they were officially updated by Mojang. They’ve always been seen as an obstacle – but that changes now with the Hybrid Aquatic mod. Grab friends and hop on a Minecraft server to begin exploring new sea creatures, crafting unique items, using specialized gear, and catching rare fish. Otherwise, hunt for crates scattered around the murky waters to uncover valuable resources and loot. There are many possibilities with this mod, so get started today!

Hybrid Aquatic – FAQ

What Minecraft Fabric version is Hybrid Aquatic?

The Hybrid Aquatic mod is for Fabric 1.19.2 to 1.20.4, receiving regular updates as development continues.

How many new fish and sea creatures are added?

In total, there are 30 new fish to find in Minecraft, with the rest totaling 36 in various sea creatures.

Why can I find certain species in Hybrid Aquatic?

Each species of sea creature has its own biome and location to spawn in, so you need to explore more of the ocean to find each one.

Does Hybrid Aquatic have dependencies?

Yes! All players need to install the following on their launcher or server: Fabric API, Language Kotlin, and GeckoLib + Hybrid Aquatic.

Useful Links

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