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How To Remove Operator Minecraft Server

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mc head By Nathan Young

How To Remove Operator Minecraft Server


Whether operator permissions are for yourself or others, sometimes these privileges need to be removed for various reasons in Minecraft. These can be for safety purposes, while others might be avoiding cheats. Regardless of this, learning how to remove operators is an important part of hosting a dedicated server. Unfortunately, some newcomers to the scene may be unfamiliar with the process to accomplish that. This can be frustrating if you need to remove a player’s OP powers immediately, as it could be potentially dangerous depending on the situation. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to remove operators in a Minecraft server.

Removing Operators

Minecraft Remove OP

The entire process is extremely similar to giving OP, meaning it won’t take long at all. This only requires a couple of steps to achieve, which removes all their operator permissions. Keep in mind that this can be reverted at any time. When you’re ready, follow along below to get started.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Console at the top left corner.
    Minecraft Server Console
  2. Continue to type and enter deop [player] in the text box.
    Minecraft Remove OP Command
  3. If successful, the “Made [player] no longer a server operator” message will appear.


Alternative Removal

If you want to have the player remain as an operator, but with limited powers, then consider changing their levels. We suggest reviewing this tutorial to do that, which helps reduce what commands or actions an OP can do in-game. This process involves manually setting the level in your Minecraft server settings and then granting them operator privileges again. Otherwise, tweaking the ops.json file in the FTP panel can achieve the same result.

Minecraft Spigot Logo

In cases where you’re tired of granting operator powers and taking it back, consider using EssentialsX with LuckPerms to save you time. This provides players with selected abilities that you determine, meaning players will be able to use commands and actions without OP. We highly recommend using these two plugins above, but there are some mods available that accomplish similar results. Basically, you’ll want to install addons that give users extra abilities without any operator permissions. Whether you use plugins or mods, there are always options for you to consider.



Removing OP in Minecraft servers is extremely simple and straightforward, as it’s almost the same process as giving it to players. This means anyone can quickly take away operator permissions if they want. Remember, there’s also levels that can be configured to limit how much power someone possesses in-game. Alternatively, using mods or plugins with permissions is another option for you to do that. Choose the best method for you to remove operators from players in the Minecraft server.

Remove Operator FAQ

Why does the player still have OP permissions on my server?

This can occasionally happen for unforeseen reasons, with offline servers being a common factor. However, incorrectly typing the user’s name for the deop command results in this situation. It’s encouraged to restart the server and try again to see if that works.

How do I remove a specific OP level from a player?

You must manually edit the ops.json file in the FTP panel to tweak a player’s OP level. Alternatively, changing this value in the main server settings and giving them operator powers again will work. There are 4 possible levels to consider during this process.

Are operator privileges considered cheating in Minecraft?

Yes, having OP in a Minecraft server is considered cheating since it allows you to run any command. However, this is more of an administrative power that isn’t seen like that.

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