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How to Reload Chunks in Minecraft

Last modified on Mar 13, 2024 in General

mc head By Nathan Young

As players traverse the lands of Minecraft, its world generation loads 16×16 areas of blocks according to the seed. These are called chunks, which play critical roles in the game’s sustainability. On rare occasions, they can glitch out or otherwise encounter loading problems. One popular example includes endlessly falling downward into the void, then suddenly teleported to the correct spot. Players encountering this situation might become frustrated, as it disrupts gameplay. Fortunately, you can reload chunks in Minecraft! This helps to resolve any loading issues related to the world, meaning you don’t have to wait until it loads. This functionality doesn’t involve any commands, but rather keybinds built into Minecraft. Newcomers to the scene or those unfamiliar with debug features might not know about this process. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to reload chunks in Minecraft.

Benefits of Reloading Chunks

The main reason why players want to force reload chunks in Minecraft is to prevent performance or loading issues. In other words, doing this can help with lag and stuttering in-game. The exact causes for these situations come in different shapes and sizes, as it can be from your hardware or activities in the world. Unfortunately, these problems can happen to anyone enjoying Minecraft. This is why reloading chunks is extremely beneficial, as it’s a quick way to correct them. Besides all that, it can also assist with resolving visual glitches!

How to Force Reload Chunks

As previously mentioned, chunks are 16×16 areas in Minecraft. Players can see them visualized in-game by reviewing this guide, which can help you reload them. This is completely optional, so follow along the steps below when you’re ready to force reload chunks in Minecraft.

  1. Launch Minecraft and join your server or singleplayer world.
  2. Navigate to the chunks you want to reload, then press F3 + A on your keyboard.
    Minecraft Reload Chunks
  3. If successful, the “Reloading all chunks” message will appear in-chat.


Minecraft Chunk Optimization

In cases where you still are having problems with chunks on singleplayer or dedicated servers, consider optimization. There are many ways to achieve this, such as allocating more memory to your Minecraft launcher or using machines to load chunks. Other options include installing mods or plugins that can help render chunks, like Chunk-Pregenerator or Chunky. Alternatively, you can see if Optifine and/or editing video settings can help prevent world loading issues. These solutions might be perfect for you, so give them a try to see what works best. However, if you’re crashing when attempting to resolve chunk-related problems on your dedicated server, consider reaching out to our Support Team for assistance.

Chunks in Minecraft

Minecraft Chunks

The world generation depends on chunks in Minecraft, as they’re used to load all blocks in-game. These can encounter problems at times, resulting in lag, stuttering, or visual glitches. Solving this involves reloading chunks with debug keybinds, but it can be resolved through other means too. Whether you’re on singleplayer or multiplayer, you always have the ability to fix this situation. We strongly recommend giving our solutions a try, as they might be able to completely solve your chunk-related problems!

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