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How To Install Darkness Falls to 7 Days to Die

Last modified on Jul 10, 2024 in 7 Days to Die

mc head By Oscar Nava

Darkness Falls is one of the most popular modpacks within the 7 Days to Die community, thanks to its wide range of options. This includes new types of zombies, exciting missions, unique classes, and much more. However, installing this modpack can be somewhat challenging if you’re not familiar with the process, as it is quite extensive and the steps may seem confusing. In this Apex Hosting detailed tutorial, we will guide you step by step so that you can install Darkness Falls on your 7 Days to Die server. Let’s get started!

Server Setup

First of all, you’ll need to make sure you’ve removed any other 7d2d mods you may have installed. Now let’s begin with the following steps:

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and press the Stop button.
  2. Download the latest version of the mod here.
  3. Extract the files from the ZIP to your PC.
    unzipping the file
  4. Open the “Mod” folder within the extracted file.
    extracted mod file
  5. Using an FTP program, transfer all the contents of the extracted “Mod” folder to the “Mod” folder on your server.
    *If you’re unsure how to do this process, you can follow our guide here.
    transfer files using FTP program

Additionally, you’ll need to disable Easy Anti-Cheat on your server to be able to use this mod.

  1. To do this you will have to enter the web interface of your 7 Days to Die server and then enter the “Config Files” of your server on the left side.
    config file in the menu
  2. Then you will have to enter the “Main 7 Days to Die Configuration” file.
    main7D2D ini file
  3. Now, inside the ini file you will look for the option “name=EACEnabled” and change it to “False”. It will be found around line number 68 of the .ini file
    line on the ini file for EACE


Client Setup

In order to play this mod you will have to install it on your PC. With this in mind, follow along below!

  1. While on Steam, go to the game properties, right clicking on it, then to local files and click on “Explore
  2. Now we will look for the folder called Mods. If it does not exist, create a folder with this name.
    mod folder in the PC
  3. In this folder we will copy the files from the “Mod” folder that we extracted from the zip of the mod.
    copy of the mod file
  4. Now all that remains is to deactivate the EAC, which is as simple as clicking “accept” when the pop-up window appears when starting the game.


Choose the Map Size

Darkness Falls is a special modpack that requires being used on specific custom maps. It’s important not to skip this step as the mod won’t function correctly on a random or pre-set map in the game. Below is a list of maps from which you can choose to start your apocalyptic adventure:

  • DFalls-Navezgane
  • DFalls-VSmall1-NoPEP
  • DFalls-VSmall2-NoPEP
  • DFalls-Small1-NoPEP
  • DFalls-Small2-NoPEP
  • DFalls-Medium1-NoPEP
  • DFalls-Medium2-NoPEP
  • DFalls-Large1-NoPEP
  • DFalls-Large2-NoPEP

These maps are ordered from smallest and least demanding to largest.

Generating the Map on Your Server

To have your server generate the map you’ve chosen, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Web Interface of your server.
  2. Go to the config files section and then to the “Main 7 Days to Die Configuration” file.
  3. Here, you’ll look for the section that says “name=”GameWorld” value=” where you’ll enter the name of the map you want to install on your server.
    line to change the world
  4. Additionally, you can give it a specific name by changing the “ame=”GameName” value=” section and entering the name you want to give to this game session.
  5. Save the changes.
    Note: Make sure that the change was saved by reloading the page so that you don’t have errors when starting the server.

Last but not least, you need to start your server. Now you can enter your server with Darkness Falls installed and running.


Although the installation process of Darkness Falls may seem overwhelming due to the number of steps involved, by following this detailed guide, you can install the modpack on your 7 Days to Die server without any issues. Once installed, you’ll be able to enjoy a completely new and exciting gaming experience, full of challenges and adventures. Gather your friends, prepare to face the dangers of the apocalypse, and explore the dark and dangerous world of Darkness Falls today on your own 7 Days to Die server!

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