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How to Get the Best Enchantments in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

Best Enchantments Minecraft


Expanding your armory in Minecraft opens the door for many activities, with enchanting being a major one. Players all around the world join their dedicated server and collect experience orbs so they can power up their equipment. Whether you want a strong sword or bow, there are plenty of abilities to consider. However, getting the best enchantments in Minecraft is no easy task. This is due to the numerous challenges ahead, such as attempting to find mending books or building mob farms for levels. Fortunately, there are many ways to accomplish this feat in-game. Sadly, a few members of the community may not be aware of them. With this in mind, we’ll be showing you how to get the best enchantments in Minecraft from this Apex Hosting guide.

Collecting Experience Orbs

Minecraft Collect XP

Getting started with this process requires you to have lots of experience orbs, as they’re used for enchanting or applying abilities to gear. There are countless methods for collecting EXP, but can be confusing if you’re wanting to maximize everything. For example, building a detailed farm to level up your character can take hours to complete, let alone learning the mechanics behind the structure. Luckily, there are simpler ways to get experience orbs! Review the information below to learn more about this process to get started with getting the best enchantments in Minecraft.

Killing Mobs

One of the most popular methods for collecting orbs is slaying hostile mobs in the world. This also applies to neutral or passive creatures, but primarily zombies, skeletons, and creepers, among others. Whether you make a mob farm or camp near a pillager outpost, you have plenty of options. We strongly recommend making a grinder to easily obtain EXP but keep in mind it can take up too much time for some. Another option is to find a dungeon or mineshaft to constantly slay mobs.

Killing Mobs Minecraft


Villager Trading

Villager Trading Minecraft

Another way to get experience is by trading with villagers, as they provide you with orbs upon every successful deal. Many players create automatic farms for this process, as they’ll always have items to trade. This is amplified if you manage to build a villager house full of NPCs with good deals. Occasionally, some of these characters might even provide you with unique enchanted books for a quicker time getting the best enchantments in Minecraft.


Mining & Smelting

Instead of the above methods, players can choose to mine and smelt ores for experience. This involves a bit more manual labor but can return lots of orbs. However, taking a similar concept and applying it to the Nether is also a viable option. For example, mining gold or quartz can be another wonderful way to get EXP in-game. Regardless, these possibilities are great choices to increase your character’s levels on the server or singleplayer world.

Mining & Smelting Minecraft


Using Cheats

Using Cheats Minecraft

If you’re wanting to save time and effort, consider using cheats or operator permissions in Minecraft. This provides you with endless options to increase your levels in-game. For example, taking Bottle o’ Enchanting items or running commands can get you many experience orbs. This depends on your desired setup, as cheating may not be favored in the server or world. Besides these two examples, you can also use creative mode to build mob farms or expand your villager trading areas.


Creating the Best Enchantments

How to Make the Best Enchantments in Minecraft

Once you’ve obtained enough EXP levels, you and others alike can begin making the best enchantments in Minecraft. Keep in mind that trading with villagers itself can be a sufficient method, but there are other basic ones to consider. The following information will help you learn more about these and what to do after getting started. However, make sure to avoid dying or losing your levels by other means so this process doesn’t get interrupted. If you’re worried at all during this time, keeping the inventory on is an option to save all experience orbs.

Randomly Enchanting

The most classic way of getting the best enchantments in Minecraft is simply using the Enchanting Table as intended. This can be tedious though, as each ability is randomized. Some of these will have extra ones too, meaning you might think it’s only Sharpness when it also has Unbreaking. It’s encouraged to avoid enchanting your weapons, armor, tools, and other items with this method.

Randomly Enchanting Minecraft

Using books can store these abilities for later, which is preferred by many to accomplish this task.

Enchanting with Precision
Enchanting with Precision Minecraft

Whether you enchanted books or obtained them through villager trading, these items can be used in anvils. However, it does cost extra experience points to apply any ability on a tool, weapon, or piece of armor. This means you’ll need to have additional EXP set aside for this process, but is well worth it since you have full control over its enchantments. Sadly, each anvil can break down and must be replaced after using it too much.


Combining Enchantments

Following the same concept above, players can combine enchantments together to make powerful levels. For example, if you have a protection 3 helmet and want the highest level, use an enchanted book that matches what’s applied to accomplish that. In other words, you’re given the opportunity to merge abilities for higher levels to get the best gear in Minecraft.

Combining Enchantments Minecraft


Best Enchanted Equipment

Best Enchantments in Minecraft

A few examples of the best enchantments for weapons include a netherite sword with almost all possible abilities. This includes unbreaking, mending, fire aspect, sharpness, looting, and several others. Similar concepts are applied to bows, pickaxes, and armor, like having protection combined with thorns to easily kill mobs upon taking damage. Keep in mind that there’s a limit set by Vanilla Minecraft that hinders the opportunity to have all enchantments on an item. Choose wisely as you create the best enchanted equipment in the game.


Whether you’re trading with villagers to get enchanted books or combining abilities in an anvil, there are many ways to get the best enchantments in Minecraft. It all boils down to your playstyle and what’s easiest for you, so some players might have other ideas for their gear. Make sure to have extra experience points throughout these processes, as it never hurts to have more laying around. With all this in mind, we hope this Apex Hosting guide helped you learn more about getting the best enchantments in Minecraft.

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