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How to Fix Minecraft Outdated Server Error

Last modified on Nov 3, 2022 in Server Errors

mc head By Nathan Young


As Minecraft releases new updates, some servers may choose to remain on older versions. This can be for a variety of reasons, but nonetheless can cause issues for players trying to join. A good example would be servers choosing to remain on 1.18.2 to disallow newer features from being implemented, thereby preventing players on the latest version from connecting. If people aren’t using the correct version, they’ll receive an outdated server error. This can be solved by switching game versions in the launcher or changing the Minecraft server’s version if you’re the owner. Due to these multiple solutions, the steps needed to fix the error varies. With this in mind, our Apex Hosting guide will show you how to fix an outdated Minecraft server.

Outdated Minecraft Server

Outdated Minecraft Server Error

Whether you’re joining your server or another one, the game’s version plays a critical role in the connection attempt. For instance, you cannot have a 1.18.2 Minecraft server and expect it to work for 1.19 and above. All players must use the server’s version on their launcher to successfully join. However, if the server supports plugins then ViaVersion can allow multiple versions for any player to use. Although, it’s not required to solve the outdated server error.

How to Fix Outdated Server

There are two solutions to this problem, which depends on if you’re the server owner or not. The first is done through the Minecraft launcher, as it allows players to quickly change their game version. The second option is to manually switch the server version through the panel, thereby allowing players to join without editing their launcher’s configuration. Both methods are viable to solve the outdated error, and we’ll go over each one to get you started.


  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and head towards the Installations section.
    Minecraft Launcher Installations
  2. Once there, click on New Installation and you’ll see fields to edit.
    Minecraft Launcher New Installation
  3. Enter the new profile name in the Name field, as this will show in your installation list.
  4. From the Version dropdown menu, select the game version you want.
    Minecraft Launcher Profile Settings
  5. Afterward, in the bottom right corner, press Create and locate the newly created profile.
  6. Click Play and it’ll load the new version, then instantly startup the game.
    Minecraft Launcher Play Profile

    Note: It should display at the bottom in your profile list, but could be at the top in some cases.

  7. When you enter the game, join the server to test if it works on the new installation.



  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Game File section
  2. Click on the currently selected version, which will show a dropdown menu.
    Minecraft Apex Server Panel Game File
  3. Use the text box to find the game version you want or scroll until you locate it.
  4. Once found, select it and press Change Version when it asks to confirm.
    Minecraft Apex Server Change Version
  5. In the next prompt, choose either Create New World or Use Existing World.
    Minecraft Server Create New World

    Note: This depends on if you’re upgrading or downgrading the version. If you upgrade, then continue using the same world, otherwise create a new one.

  6. Afterward, continue to click the Restart Now button so it applies the changes.
    Minecraft Server Restart Now
  7. Wait for the server to finish loading, then join using the version you selected to confirm it works.

For more information about changing the server’s version, visit our guide here.


Establishing successful connections is what any server owner wants, as this allows for people to join without problems. Minecraft servers using 1.18, 1.19, or any other version requires players to use the same one. Whether you change the version on the server or in the launcher, solving this is a simple process with just a few clicks. Our panel simplifies this for you through its user-friendly interface, while the launcher’s configuration is easily done on your computer. Once the server or players changed the version, joining should work out unless there are other factors such as mods and plugins. In any case, we hope this guide helped you join your Minecraft server on the desired game version.

Common Issues

Players Cannot Join
If you changed the server’s version, then make sure all players use the same type to join. Assuming this still fails, then affected players should use the Direct Connection method to connect. Otherwise, double-check that they successfully created a new installation of the version to join. Although, if the server has mods then make sure all players update those to avoid problems. Similarly, some plugins could reject connections depending on their designs, so update or edit those to solve the situation.

Server is Not Starting
After changing the server’s version, the server may not start due to the world or mods. If you have mods, then update everything to the version you selected. Otherwise, make sure the world wasn’t created on a newer version that exceeds the one you chose. This is important, as the map cannot be downgraded and can only be upgraded. You may have to restore the world or create a new one to resolve the issue.

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