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How to Find Biomes in Minecraft

Posted: May 30, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Exploring the Minecraft world can be a challenging task, as it’s essentially infinite. This means finding the perfect biome for your base or other structures is even more difficult. In most cases, the environment might be right – but not the landscape. Fortunately, there are multiple methods to locate biomes in Minecraft! Whether you’re playing with friends on a dedicated server or running it up solo in singleplayer, you have options. Let’s begin to explore all of these in this Apex Hosting blog to help you find the best biome in Minecraft.

Locate Commands

One of the most common ways to find biomes is using the locate command. This can be done on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock across several game versions. However, cheats or operator permissions are required beforehand. Check out our examples below to learn more!

Minecraft 1.18.2 & Below

Minecraft Locate Biome Command 1.18.2

For players using Minecraft Java 1.18.2 and below, they are able to use the /locatebiome [biome] command in-chat. This should immediately list all available biomes for you to quickly use for the search query. Afterward, the coordinates will be displayed and you’re able to teleport to them without any issues. However, really old Minecraft versions won’t have this capability. For example, 1.12.2 doesn’t have this feature for players to easily find biomes. In cases where you need this for older versions, consider using other methods listed in our article.

Minecraft 1.19 & Above

Minecraft Locate Command 1.20+

Similar to the other command, Minecraft 1.19+ can use /locate biome [biome] in-chat. This acts and behaves the same, meaning a list of available biomes will be shown for you to use. After you find the right one, its coordinates will be shown for you to teleport. As new biomes release, they’ll be open for you to quickly locate using the command. Keep in mind that not all of them will be readily available, as you might be too far away from them to teleport. In case case, we recommend transporting to random coordinates and try again.


Using Mods in Minecraft

Whether you’re using Minecraft 1.7.2 or 1.20.6, you have the ability to install and use the Nature’s Compass mod for Forge or Fabric to find biomes. This is an alternative method to achieve the same result, which can be done without cheats or with them – depending on your desired gameplay style. Use the Nature Compass item to begin searching for biomes, adding specific features to them, and/or teleporting afterward. This tool will guide you through the terrain until you reach the destination!

Nature's Compass Mod Minecraft


Third-party Sites

Minecraft Chunkbase Biome Finder

Rather than installing mods or using commands, you’re able to use third-party tools to find biomes in Minecraft. We strongly recommend using Chunkbase Biome Finder to achieve this task. All that’s required is the world’s seed or save file, resulting in a complete map. This is a top-down view of everything, with a convenient coordinate grid to help you traverse the world. If you’re unsure about using the save file, then execute the /seed command in-chat instead. This works for both singleplayer and Minecraft dedicated servers.


Finding Minecraft Biomes

Minecraft Finding Biomes

Locating your desired biome in Minecraft leads you on a grand adventure to find the best suitable spot for a base. Whether you use commands, mods, or external services, you have plenty of options to discover the ultimate biome. Remember, this isn’t just about the right environment – but also landscape. This is why understanding the many ways to find biomes in Minecraft is important. Start today and grab friends to play together on your own dedicated server!

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