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How to Create a Custom Modpack for Minecraft

Last modified on Aug 28, 2023 in General

mc head By Dalton Whalen


While Minecraft can be tons of fun on its own, many players decide to add new features through the use of mods. While there are many existing modpacks that have a large variety of items, structures, and enemies, some prefer to have a more customized experience. By combining mods into your own modpack, you can completely redefine the mobs, blocks, environments, and the game experience as a whole. There are many ways to achieve this and just as many ways to share your modpack with others. This may be complicated for unfamiliar users, so we have created this Apex Hosting tutorial to help create your own modpack.

Creating a Modpack with CurseForge


Before proceeding, ensure you have downloaded and installed the CurseForge launcher for your operating system. Once completed, open the app and confirm you are on the “Minecraft” tab in the left-hand menu.

  1. From the My Modpacks section, press Create Custom Profile at the top.
  2. Fill out the profile name, versions, and game type information, then press Create.
  3. Once configured, click your new profile icon, followed by “Add More Content”.
  4. Within the list of mods, locate and click Install on each one you desire.
  5. (Optional) Add Resource Packs or manually install extra mods.
  6. After this is complete, return to your modpack page and press “Play” to test it.

When testing the pack, we recommend confirming that there are no crashes when starting Minecraft or when playing. This is also a good chance to tweak the in-game options, enable resource packs, and more. If you are happy with your pack and wish to share it with others, you can proceed to export these modpack files.

Exporting a Modpack Profile

The fastest way to export your CurseForge modpack is to use the built-in profile exporter, which will allow others to quickly and efficiently import it into their own CurseForge.

  1. From the CurseForge app, select your modpack profile.
  2. To the left of the Play button, press the 3 dots and select the Export Profile option.
  3. Confirm the name, enter any version number, then select the files and folders.

    Note: Extra folders can be included, such as resource packs, shaders, options, etc.

  4. Press Export, then save the .zip file to a safe location for later.


Other players can then install this modpack by creating a new profile on their CurseForge launcher, but selecting Import instead of Create. This will allow them to select your .zip file which will automatically install on their system.



Exporting CurseForge Files

Alternatively, you can choose to manually export your profile files manually, which is beneficial when sharing with users on the original MC Launcher.

  1. From your modpack profile page, press the 3 dots next to the Play button.
  2. Press Open Folder, then access the newly-opened window.
  3. Select the files and folders you wish to share, including mods and config.
  4. Using a program like WinRAR or 7ZIP, zip your selection.
  5. Move this new .zip file to a safe location for later, such as your desktop.

For players to use this modpack, they will need to unzip the file in a new CurseForge profile or in the directory of their preferred launcher.

Creating a Modpack with the MC Launcher


An alternative to using the automated installations from the CurseForge launcher is to download mods manually and add them to your MC launcher directly. This will work for nearly any launcher, but this section will focus on the original one.

  1. Install either Forge or Fabric to your system.
  2. Download any desired Minecraft mods that match the modloader.
  3. Open the MC launcher, then proceed to Installations at the top.
  4. Hover over your modded profile, then click the Open Folder icon.
  5. In the new window, enter the mods folder, then paste your desired mod files.
  6. Once completed, launch the game to check for potential issues.

When creating a modpack manually, there are significantly more problems that may arise. These include mod conflicts, missing dependencies, versions, and more. Ensure these problems are resolved before sharing the pack with others.

Exporting Modpack Files


The process of exporting a modpack from the MC Launcher is similar to the process covered under CurseForge. Like before, use the Open Folder icon in the installations tab to access your files. Then using an app like WinRAR or 7ZIP, add any of the important folders and files to a .zip for later.


Adding the Pack to a Server

Instead of simply sharing your modpack with others, you can choose to add it to the server for others to play. As long as you have manually exported the individual files, the overall setup process is straightforward. For more information on these steps, visit our guide here.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that some Minecraft mods are only made for client-side gameplay and can not be used on the server. These generally include any mods that change the HUD, graphics, or player controls. If the modpack works on singleplayer but crashes on the server, we recommend checking the console to see if a specific mod is erroring, then removing it before trying again.


Distributing the Modpack

Whether you plan to just share your server with friends or distribute it publicly, there are a few options to work with:

CurseForge Publishing


The first option is publishing your modpack directly to the CurseForge website, which will allow CurseForge users to download it. To begin, log into your CurseForge account, visit the modpacks page, then press “Start Project”.

Technic Publishing


An alternative to publishing is using the Technic site, which will allow you to add your pack to the Technic Launcher. To access your account dashboard information, you will need to log into your account here.


Dropbox Sharing


Rather than publishing your modpack for all to see, you may decide to just share the .zip file with people directly. One of the many ways to achieve this is with a file sharing site such as Dropbox. With this app, you can upload your modpack, then create a share link for others to view and access.

Google Drive Sharing


If the aforementioned Dropbox site does not fit your needs, another option is using Google Drive. Using any existing Google account, you can easily upload your modpack .zip and create a share link for anyone to access. While similar, Drive has a separate user interface and will be familiar to existing users.


Common Issues

Exporting a CurseForge Profile is missing files:

When choosing which files to export from your CurseForge profile, we recommend ensuring that each of the desired options are checked before proceeding. These may be the options.txt file, resourcepacks, shaderpacks, or anything else you may desire. Each file you select will be included in the pack .zip for others, so it’s imperative to make the correct selection.

My game is crashing after manually installing mods:

When installing mods manually, there are many potential issues that you may encounter. Depending on the selected mods and version, you may be missing important dependency mods, running an incompatible version, or simply experiencing mod conflicts. If you are unable to diagnose the issue, try checking your local log files to see if any further information is provided.

My server won’t start after uploading my modpack:

When this occurs, it is often due to an incompatibility with the version or potential client-side mods within the files. First, verify that the server version is set to match your modloader and game version, such as 1.19.2. Additionally, check the server console to see if any specific mods are listed that may be causing crashes, including Optifine, Ambient Sounds, and more. Once these client-only mods are removed, you can restart and try again.

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