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How to Bind Jump to Scroll Wheel in CS:GO

Last modified on Oct 11, 2022 in csgo

mc head By Nathan Young

CSGO How to BHop


Movement is crucial to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, especially jumping as this allows players to overcome obstacles and gain possible advantages over enemies. However, there are tricks to use for better results such as bunny hopping and custom keybinds. These can increase your movement speed and make other players miss shots. Although this is entirely determined by your experience and skill, even with the tricks. A popular keybind to have is jump on the mouse’s scroll wheel, as this makes bunny hopping smoother. This, among other small tricks, can produce slick movements and generate more speed than any known strategy in CSGO. With this in mind, Apex Hosting will teach you how to bind jump to the scroll wheel so you can easily bunny hop.


Before binding jump to the scroll wheel, you’ll want to Enable the Developer Console. This allows players to use commands, ranging from server to client variants. Essentially, you’ll have to select Game Settings from the menu in CS:GO and mark the console option as “Yes”. By default, the keybind to open it is Tilde (~), which is configurable in the UI Keys category of Keyboard / Mouse from the settings. When this is configured, you’ll have the necessary preparations to begin binding jump to the scroll wheel.

How to Keybind Jump

  1. Head towards your Steam client and click Play for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the Library.
    Steam Library CSGO Play
  2. Join a private or public match, then open the Developer Console using the Tilde (~) key or your custom bind.
  3. When it opens, type bind mwheelup +jump in the text box and press Submit or Enter on your keyboard.
    CSGO Bind Jump to Scroll Wheel Command

    Note: To keybind both directions of the scroll wheel, use the bind mwheelup +jump;bind mwheeldown +jump;bind space +jump command instead.

  4. (Optional) Some players may want to remove jumping from the spacebar, which can be done with unbind SPACE +jump.
  5. Once everything is configured, try it out in-game and see if this works for you.


How to BHop in CSGO

Now that you’ve successfully binded jump to your scroll wheel, bunny hopping, or otherwise known as bhopping, should be easier. The best way to practice is downloading custom Workshop maps for private matches or servers. Head towards CS:GO’s Workshop and search “bhop” to locate them. Once you’ve found a good map, Subscribe to it and load a match with it. While playing, use strafing combined with jumping at the perfect time to start bunny hopping. Using the A and D keys one after the other is how to strafe.

CSGO Bunny Hop (BHop)

It’s all about exact timing, as CS:GO’s movement system requires it. However, don’t expect bhopping to be super easy since it’s challenging at first. Most of the time, you would be continuously jumping instead of getting an extra speed boost from the bhop. Additionally, the ground level of your in-game position factors into these movements. In any case, start practicing these jumps to show off your skills.

Common Issues

Cannot Rebind Weapon Select
This happens when a player removes the scroll wheel bind(s), as the normal weapon select function is erased. Resolving this requires you to navigate towards Keyboard / Mouse > Weapon Keys from the menu. Afterward, change the Select Previous/Next Weapon settings to your scroll wheel (up or down). When this is done, your keybinds should be normal again!
Unable to BHop
After binding everything, make sure to properly bunny hop on appropriate map surfaces. Strafing is required for this, so make sure to press A and D as you jump. However, you’ll need to additionally look to the left and right as you bhop. This process takes time to master, so continue trying until you nail it down.

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