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GSit Plugin

Last modified on Apr 18, 2023 in plugins

mc head By Nathan Young


Playing Minecraft with friends can bring challenging adventures and tasks, but sometimes players want to take it easy. This can be done by decorating bases or relaxing as they admire their creations. An extremely popular feature in servers is the ability to sit, as it creates more realism and opportunity for building designs. This is done through GSit, a Paper and Bukkit plugin that allows players to easily sit down in chairs. Additionally, users can lay down or crawl depending on the environment around them. New and unique bases can be created while using this plugin, as narrow one-block passage ways would only be accessible via crawling. Otherwise, it’s a neat tool for kitchen, bed, or other setups that involve sitting and laying. However, the installation process and plugin usage might be difficult for some people. Considering this, we’ll teach you how to install and use the GSit plugin on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


As noted before, GSit is a Paper plugin, so make sure your server is using that or Spigot to support it. If you aren’t using this, then review our guide here to switch versions for the installation. Once the server is correctly set up, follow the steps below to get the plugin installed.

  1. Head towards GSit’s Spigot page and press Download Now in the top right corner.
    GSit Plugin Download
  2. Save the file somewhere easily accessible, then navigate to your Apex server panel.
  3. Near the top left, press FTP File Access and login with your password.
    Apex Hosting FTP File Access
  4. Afterward, enter in the plugins folder and click Upload in the top left section.
  5. Drag and drop the file into the respective area, then wait for it to reach 100%.
    GSit Plugin Installation
  6. Once it finishes, return to the main panel and Restart the server.
  7. When it loads, join and execute /plugins in-chat to confirm if it works.
    GSit Plugin Minecraft

    Note: If the plugin isn’t listed or is colored red, then it wasn’t installed correctly.

  8. Now that you’ve confirmed the plugin is loaded, enjoy!


Getting Started

After successfully installing GSit on your Minecraft server, you’ll notice nothing obvious changes. This is due to the minor features the plugin adds, as it’s only meant for sitting, crawling, and laying down. However, there are other unique abilities to explore! In order to use them, you need to either run commands or interact with the correct materials in-game. For instance, using stairs will allow you to sit down on them compared to solid blocks. Additionally, this and other features are completely configurable in the plugin files. This means you and server owners alike can tweak specific functions to suit your needs. Keeping everything in mind, let’s find out what these features are and how to edit the plugin.


Minecraft GSit Spinning Animation

The GSit plugin doesn’t only allow players to sit, lay, and crawl, but also spin and bellyflop. These can add a little bit of fun to your world, especially if you like role-playing since spinning around appears fantasy-like. In other words, using these abilities can allow you to be creative with its many possibilities. Once players start trying the plugin out, it’ll likely become popular on your server. Besides this, let’s showcase the interesting features you and others can use in-game.


Minecraft Sitting

The feature most players want is the ability to sit down in Minecraft, which is likely the first one you try with GSit. Anyone wanting to do this will need to right-click any applicable blocks, which should instantly force their character to sit on it. This is a default aspect to the plugin, making everyone able to sit.


Minecraft Laying Down

One of the most known features is the ability to lay down, which is normally done in beds. With this plugin, laying down is used through the /lay command. By default, everyone can use this function. It can be used on custom beds, by campfires, and anywhere else you may want.


Minecraft Crawling

Similar to swimming in Minecraft, crawling around is achieved by attempting to move into one block areas. However, GSit uses the /crawl command to force your character to do it. This is extremely beneficial for secret locations in bases, as new designs become possible.



Minecraft Player Stacking

As previously mentioned, players can spin and bellyflop in addition to the other features. These are the remaining aspects to the plugin, as there isn’t much else currently available. However, users can sit on others to create player stacks. This, combined with specific commands, act as different aspects to GSit. For example, a player could use /sit on any block to bypass limitations. These and previous features we covered are all that the plugin offers.


There are surprisingly a lot of settings for you to edit, such as allowing players to sit at unsafe positions or setting a limit for player stacking. Using our built-in web editor makes editing these options much easier, as everything is organized and directly accessible from the FTP area. Unfortunately, there is no documentation for the configuration. This means you will need to review the descriptions for each setting before making any changes. Bearing this in mind, let’s learn how to edit GSit and apply the changes on your server.

  1. Head towards your server panel and near the top left, press FTP File Access.
  2. Login with your password and enter into the plugins directory.
  3. Afterward, click the GSit folder and continue to Edit the config.yml file.
    GSit Config
  4. Once inside of the file, you’ll immediately see the settings to tweak. Proceed to make your changes.
    GSit Config
  5. After making any edits, press Save at the top and return to the main panel.
  6. Restart the server and join to confirm everything works or use GSitReload in the Console area near the top left.


If you’re wanting to enable player stacking, the ability to sit on others, then change allow-sit to true under the PlayerSit category in the file. Saving the edit and reloading the plugin will automatically enable this feature. Do this for other settings that are disabled by default, thereby allowing everything.



By default, the basic sitting and other movement commands are accessible by every player. However, everything else needs permission nodes to be used in-game. Otherwise, becoming a server operator will grant full access to the plugin. As one last note before reviewing them, there are abilities without commands that permissions allow the player to execute. Using LuckPerms on your Minecraft server will manage what features users can do, meaning it’s essential for permission usage. With all this in mind, let’s jump into the commands.

/SitGSit.SitAllows the player to sit on anything.
/LayGSit.LayAllows the user to lay down on everything.
/BellyflopGSit.BellyflopAbility to become stuck at your position in the crawl animation.
/SpinGSit.SpinAbility to spin around with unique particles.
/CrawlGSit.CrawlAllows the character to move around in one block heights.
/Sit ToggleGSit.SitToggleDisables sitting functionality when right-clicking applicable blocks.
/Sit PlayerToggleGSit.PlayerSitToggleDisables player sitting functionality when right-clicking.
/GSitReloadGSit.ReloadReloads the plugin’s configuration files.
N/AGSit.SitClickAbility to right-click any applicable block to sit on them.
N/AGSit.PlayerSitAbility to right-click players to sit on them.
N/AGSit.Kick.SitRemove a sitting player from their location.
N/AGSit.Kick.PoseRemove a posing user from their position.
N/AGSit.Kick.*Combines GSit.Kick.Sit/Pose.
N/AGSit.Bypass.WorldBypasses any maps in the WorldBlack section of the configuration file.
N/AGSit.Bypass.*Performs the same function as GSit.Bypass.World.


Common Issues

Cannot Use Plugin
In cases where players are unable to use GSit, it’s likely a permission or configuration issue. For example, if someone is trying to sit on a solid block, then it will not work due to that material not being specified in the config.yml file. Otherwise, using LuckPerms or another plugin for managing permissions would likely correct the situation. Make sure you copy and paste the right ones in your rank/groups, as a typo would break it.
Plugin Not Installed
If after uploading the plugin to your server and the /plugins command doesn’t show it, then something went wrong. A popular issue when this happens is the plugin being installed in the wrong directory, meaning it’s not inside the plugins folder. However, if you have server profiles enabled, then make sure you’re using the correct one that supports GSit. This means you have to use a compatible Minecraft Paper, Spigot, or Bukkit 1.13 to 1.19 server.
Edits Aren’t Saving
After editing the configuration file and you aren’t seeing the wanted results in-game, then make sure you press Save on the editor. Furthermore, ensure you’re not capitalizing any settings. For instance, don’t use “True” since “true” is the correct usage. However, if there aren’t any obvious issues with the config, then delete it and Restart the server. This will automatically generate the file again and essentially restore it to default. Afterward, you may try again to make your edits.

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