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Frost Walker Minecraft

Posted: Apr 23, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Traveling across the ocean in Minecraft can be a challenging task without boats, as your movement is extremely limited. Many players are faced with this problem, especially those fighting enemies and find themselves in water. Instead of using boats or even dolphins to traverse the ocean, consider using the frost walker enchantment. This allows you to walk on water – well, not really. It basically freezes the liquid around you as you move around. This means you can easily reach your destination despite there being a large ocean, which is amplified with speed potions. However, getting this enchantment isn’t an easy task like others. It’s only obtainable through specific methods in both Java and Bedrock Edition. Let’s begin to explore how you can get the frost walker enchantment in Minecraft!

Frost Walker Enchantment

There are 3-4 ways to get frost walker in Minecraft, depending on your game edition. This enchantment is only available for boots and is exclusive, meaning depth strider cannot be combined with it. While having frost walker equipped, you can walk near water to see it instantly freeze. As you continue traveling across oceans or lakes, the ice blocks will slowly melt – returning to their natural state. This means you’re unable to build massive icy highways, which is unfortunate! Regardless, this enchantment is extremely useful for almost any survival or combat-based Minecraft server.

How to Get Frost Walker

Minecraft allows you to fish for treasure items, with frost walker being one of them. Grab your fishing rod, then enchant it with lure and luck of the sea to get the best results! This might take you some time though, as its chance of being looted is slim. We recommend setting up an automatic AFK fishing farm, meaning you don’t have to waste too much time. Otherwise, keep on fishing until you loot a frost walker enchantment book in Minecraft!

Fishing in Minecraft
Minecraft Librarian

Alternatively, find yourself a librarian villager to see if they offer frost walker. This is the most popular method to obtain it, as making farms for enchantments is common in Minecraft. Build or collect a lectern, then capture an unsuspecting villager to begin this process. You might have to reapply the librarian job multiple times until you see the frost walker trade. It’s basically luck-based, so this will take a lot of time – unless you’re lucky.


Minecraft Stronghold Library
Minecraft Jungle Temple

Other methods include searching in strongholds and jungle temples, occasionally holding frost walker in their lootable chests. Many players will find this enchantment in these structures, almost guaranteed. However, unlucky individuals might argue otherwise. Despite this, finding these locations is another way to quickly obtain the walking on water enchantment. As for Bedrock users, they have another way to do this – raid drops. For those players, it might be worthwhile to set up raid farms to effortlessly collect frost walker in Minecraft.

Using Frost Walker in Minecraft

When you’ve applied the frost walker enchantment to your boots via an anvil, using it is straightforward. Simply walk forward on water to watch its liquid freeze. In cases where you fall or jump into water, the effect won’t apply. This means you must first walk, then jump around as you want. Remember, the ice blocks will melt – so movement is key to not be stuck in oceans or lakes. If you happen to fall into the water, simply reach the shore and walk forward again to resolve this problem.

Minecraft Frost Walker
Minecraft Frost Walker Enchantment

Another key piece of information to keep in mind is that ice will only form on water sources, meaning running liquid won’t work. This could be problematic at times, but can easily be dismissed by simply walking in another direction. Besides this, players might also notice when they stand still that ice blocks will have animation – hinting at the fact it’ll melt soon. Make sure to always move! Otherwise, you won’t be able to continue prancing around on the ocean with your ice blocks.


Minecraft Frost Walker

The frost walker enchantment in Minecraft is a unique ability that players can only find in the world. This makes it unlike others, as the normal way to upgrade gear is using an enchantment table. Frost walker is considered a treasure item, so search your world and use various methods to obtain it. Whether you fish, build librarian farms, or loot chests in strongholds – you should be able to quickly find the enchantment. Once you apply it on your boots, begin to run around water to see its transformation. This is an excellent way to travel across oceans, especially with speed boosts. We hope this article taught you more about the frost walker enchantment in Minecraft. Have a good one!

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