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Best Boot Enchantments in Minecraft

Posted: Sep 2, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


While surviving in Minecraft, you’ll eventually create boots to help in your adventures. There are several materials used for crafting them, but this isn’t enough to become powerful. Enchantments are abilities you can apply on tools and armor, such as walking on water or fall immunity. This is extremely helpful to fighters, explorers, and myself. One of the worst ways to die in the game is to fall to your death, which happens a lot in newer versions. This can be prevented through using specific abilities on boots, and is attainable by anyone through a few methods. Let’s learn the best enchantments for them, as this gives you and other players better success in Minecraft survival worlds.

Boot Enchantments

There are many different enchantments to apply on boots, whether that be protection or mending. These make combat and exploring easier for you, as they add abilities to your boot armor. However, there are some that are dogwater, such as Curse of Binding. You wouldn’t want some boring enchantment on your boots, since that takes away from better options. With that in mind, we’ll go over the best enchantments for boots to ensure you get OP abilities.

enchanted diamond boots


Feather Falling

This enchantment comes in handy when you explore a cave and accidentally fall through 100 blocks, especially in 1.18 or higher Minecraft versions. It stops most damage from falling, hence its feathery name. You don’t see chickens falling like anvils, as they have feathers. This ability can be increased up to 4 levels, which greatly reduces the amount of fall damage.

Frost Walker

Remember those hacks you see on servers when players can walk on water? Well, with this enchantment you can easily do that. Although instead of walking on water, you turn liquids to ice. Oddly enough, it also allows you to walk on magma blocks without taking damage. Now hold on, using the ability isn’t cheating! Any player can apply the ability on boots up to two full levels.


Overall, this ability is the best for general uses. For instance, you can take less damage from lava and fire. If you find yourself in lava, then protection will keep you alive for a longer time. The enchantment goes up to 5 levels, so there are many chances to obtain this for boots.


Soul Speed

Do you ever feel tired from walking slowly on soul sand in the Nether? I know this feeling far too well, as I am constantly annoyed by random patches of the block preventing my jumping skills. This changes with the soul speed enchantment since it allows players to increase walking speed. It has three levels to use, which are commonly found in the Nether dimension.


While playing Minecraft, you’ll get experience orbs (XP) that give you power to enchant items. However, every piece of armor, tool, and weapon breaks down over time until it snaps. Using the mending ability will transfer XP into durability to maintain the item’s lifespan. This is a literal life saver for boots, as players use them often when exploring and fighting.


Speaking of durability, use the unbreaking enchantment with mending to further the item’s lifespan. This ability can negate damage against itself, thereby keeping it existing longer. In almost every piece of god tier boots, the enchantment is applied due to its powerful nature.


How to Obtain Enchantments

enchanting table
mineshaft chest

There are three possible ways to enchant your boots: using an Enchanting Table, finding an enchanted book, or trading for it with a villager. The first option is your best bet, as you can continuously try your chances until getting it. This is better than finding it in a villager trade or locating an enchanted book in a dungeon, since the chances aren’t in your favor. Don’t waste time, get bookshelves and make an enchanting area to get these OP abilities.


Enchanted boots is the most important piece of armor, next to the helmet, as it has low durability and requires abilities to become better. Default ones break easily and can cause players to die early-game due to creepers or fall damage. Building powerful boots is something all players can do, so don’t worry about not having enough skill. It’s mainly luck-based, but can be obtained through grinding gameplay. Once they’re attained, it’s best to combine them with other powerful gear to increase survival odds. We hope this prepared you to take on the challenge, enchanting boots.

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