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Dealing with Minecraft Server Errors

Posted: Oct 25, 2016 in Minecraft

mc head By ApexHosting


Whether you’re a player attempting to join a server or among those who manage a server, you’re bound to encounter a server related error. This can happen with even the most seasoned host, Minecraft server hosting errors can take many forms. Some are less severe than others, but all can be bothersome when you or your friends are attempting to join. Fortunately, Minecraft servers are equipped to log all the activities that go on from the beginning to the end of its life cycle. This log is then read out using a GUI, we typically refer to this as the Server Console, the main mode of input and output for serverrelated activities.

Server Console

The server console is the best method for deducing these issues. As long as you can understand what the console is saying the issue is, you can fix it. Unfortunately, much of what it tells you may look like complete nonsense. It can be very tough to discern what exactly the issue is when looking at the large wall of text. Since the server doesn’t know how to interpret the errors it receives in a more human-readable way, it is up to us to review what has been given and make sense of it so we can resolve the issue.

We start off by scanning the server console for an offset pattern of information. The console will typically stream a uniform set of data so when an error appears we can quickly direct our attention to the respective information.

The first thing you notice is the offset, but this is not the head of our error. It begins with the [WARN] (warning) message “Exception in thread Thread-51” and expands as denoted by the offset. The cause of this error is in correlation with the user trying to execute the command “/insta search portal”. When the user tried to execute this command it “threw” back a response, the response is the error itself.

From this deduction, we can presume the command “/insta search portal” does not work. We came to this conclusion by reviewing the server console; it’s imperative to always refer back to the console for errors because they may not always post back through the Minecraft chat itself. Now with this information, we can surmise one of two things, the command is broken or something is breaking the command. One states that the command never worked in the first place, in which case you will need to consult with the developer who built the plugin/mod that uses that command. The other states that something you have installed on the server in negatively impacting the functionality of the plugin/mod the command is coming from.


In either case, we can use this information to formulate a search query on Google or other support area and find a possible fix. The important thing to note is that there may not be a fix to the error. The premise of this article is to introduce you to troubleshooting server errors and developing a method for dealing with them. It may not always be as cut-n-dry as you would like, some errors are more strenuous to resolve than others and some may not always have a fix. But with what you’ve acquired here, you can at least know the problem and follow up on available fixes.
To start you off, we’ve compiled a compendium of common server errors. These errors are not subject to anyone’s server based on what that server is running. As such, any server, regardless of what you’re running on it, is subject to experiencing these errors. They are generic, which makes them relatively easy to resolve since they well know. In the event you are having difficulties resolving an error, you can always contact our Support Team for additional help in deducing the issue.

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