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Blightfall Server

This modpack is fit for small to medium server population.

Blightfall is a new and innovative mod pack from our partners at Technic. They have spent countless hours creating a unique experience unlike anything you have seen in Minecraft before. On your Blightfall server you will have the opportunity to explore an alient planet in this adventureous experience. There are a variety of magic and technical mods that create a truely unqiue playing experience.

The premise is that you have arrived on an expeditionary mission to a new planet which looked like a great experience. Upon arrival you notice that it is covered in a certain growtn that continually spawns alien creatures that killed the first round of explorers. The command center has forsaken you and you must survive this hostile environment.

All that you have to work with is a simple glass strcture meant to keep the aliens out, but who know how long this will last. It is now your duty to survive and start to establish the colony in the extraterrestrial world. The mass create by Thaumcraft creates and excellent challenge that will bring hours of fun. The map itself was built by the team and is quite massive. There are new ores and quests to be explored. Blightfall servers are very exciting and challenging. Hosting one is complex as it requires many resources, but choosing Apex to host your Blightfall server makes it quick and easy for everyone to be up and playing in not time.