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All the Mods Gravitas 2 Server Hosting

Last modified on Jun 11, 2024 in Modpacks

mc head By Nathan Young

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One of the greatest ways to revamp your Minecraft server is to install modpacks – large collections of mods that overhaul the gameplay. For example, new items, blocks, biomes, dimensions, mobs, and so much more become available to try out! These packs might be perfect for you and your friends, but which one is best suited for an ideal experience? If you’re an avid fan of ARK, then consider trying the All the Mods Gravitas 2 modpack for Forge 1.20.1. This pack provides you with hours of gameplay, starting in the stone age and ending with advanced technologies. Almost everything from Vanilla Minecraft has changed, meaning there are new methods to collect resources, craft items, and explore the world. With this in mind, we’ll be showing you how to set up your own All the Mods Gravitas 2 server in this Apex Hosting guide.

Host Your Own All the Mods Gravitas 2 Server

If you don’t already have a Minecraft server with us, purchase one here before proceeding. The following instructions will guide you through the process of installing ATM Gravitas 2 to play with friends. However, all players will need to download this modpack on their launcher to successfully connect. We highly recommend using CurseForge, as it’s the easiest way to get started.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Game File area.
  2. Click on the currently selected option, then type “All the Mods Gravitas 2”.
    All the Mods Gravitas 2 Server Hosting
  3. Once found, press it and continue to confirm the changes in the prompts.
    All the Mods Gravitas 2 Server
  4. Wait for this to load, then install the modpack on your CurseForge launcher.
  5. Afterward, you can join the All the Mods Gravitas 2 server!


All the Mods Gravitas 2 Modpack

ATM Gravitas 2 Server Hosting

There are over 150 mods in this modpack, meaning the number of activities are practically endless. Players will start off with nothing, except for an informative book that helps you learn more about ATM Gravitas 2. Beyond this, there are quests to follow along (optional) to assist you during the gameplay. These can be extremely beneficial, as blindly jumping into the game isn’t ideal. The subsections below will showcase how to get started and some other tips to keep in mind as you play All the Mods Gravitas 2 modpack in Minecraft with friends.

Getting Started

Instead of immediately chopping trees for resources, locate pebbles scattered around the ground. These are required to make basic tools, so make sure to grab enough. We suggest doing this until you have around half a stack (32x). It doesn’t necessarily matter if the pebbles are mossy or not, so don’t mind that as you continue collecting them. Besides this, look for nearby branches underneath trees – these act like sticks when crafting items.

ATM Gravitas 2 Pebbles
ATM Gravitas 2 Knapping

Once you have enough, right-click while holding them to open the Knapping menu. This GUI allows you to mold together pebbles to form stone pieces for tools. Simply click to remove rock to create the shape that you want. Do this for hammers, axes, knives, and other tools as needed. Use the quests to help you determine what specific ones are required, which is accessible from the inventory near the top left of your screen.


Collecting Resources

After crafting an axe and other pieces of equipment, players need to gather more resources. The first type to collect is wood but in the form of log items. Simply chop the base of a tree and watch it fall, then pick up all the item drops. Do this until you’re satisfied, but consider using knives to clear grass for straw and other materials too. These will come in handy when making fire pits and other survival blocks.

ATM Gravitas 2 Trees
ATM Gravitas 2 Farms

We also suggest searching for areas to farm and begin preparing vegetables, fruits, or bread. Otherwise, your hunger and even hydration will soon run out. This will cause your character to slowly die in Minecraft, so watch out! Villages are perfect for this, as there will be farms, water, and other resources to use in your world. If you have too many friends playing at once, then make sure to manage everything accordingly.


Basic Survival

ATM Gravitas 2 Firepit
ATM Gravitas 2 Water

On the topic of survival, temperature plays an important role. If you become too cold or hot, problems will occur. We encourage you to follow the quest line to make a fire pit. The crafting recipe requires 1x log, 3x sticks, and 5x straw dropped on a block – then using a fire starter to ignite it. Keep in mind that fuel is needed to have it continuously burn, so have enough burnable materials. Additionally, having a freshwater source nearby will ensure you stay well hydrated. Almost any water block is adequate for this, but some aren’t. Just make sure to not swim too long, as your body might freeze up! Players can view their survival stats in the inventory, near the right-hand side.

World Generation

All the Mods Gravitas 2 introduces vast biomes and areas of interest to explore. Common ones include large forests, plains, and enormous mountains. These are perfect for gathering resources, while also providing a home for wildlife. Expect to see deer, goats, cows, pigs, chickens, and new unique animals in these biomes. However, there are more dangerous ones out there – so be careful. For instance, volcanoes are commonly found near darkened mountainous terrain.

ATM Gravitas 2 Volcano
ATM Gravitas 2 Structures

As you continue exploring the Minecraft world, expect to encounter randomly generated structures. These can be ancient ruins, and mystical towers, along with many others. Other times, you might just find vanilla buildings like standard villages or illager outposts. Regardless, these can be very helpful – as they provide shelter from the dangers lurking at night. That’s right, monsters will begin to hunt you if no base is accessible.


Helpful Items

The vast majority of structures will house chests, providing players an excellent opportunity to quickly upgrade their equipment. The loot is randomized with Apotheosis, meaning you have the chance to get weapons, tools, or armor with rarities. These can have unique powers or abilities, so be on the lookout. Beyond this, rare ingots, gems, enchanted books, and other items are also obtainable through these chests. Use all materials to help you craft stronger equipment!

ATM Gravitas 2 Loot Chests
ATM Gravitas 2 Ores

While mining in the depths of caves, you’re able to find new ores. These can either be completely new materials or normal types like gold. Their textures might appear different, but looking at their block will tell you the exact name near the top of your screen. This comes in handy when trying to find flawless diamonds or hardened granite. Remember, you might need to craft other tools before digging up valuable ores in the ATM Gravitas 2 modpack.


ATM Gravitas 2 Adventures

ATM Gravitas 2 Guide

Due to the number of mods in this Minecraft Forge 1.20.1 modpack, we’re unable to cover everything – so consider looking through all the quests and helpful books in-game. This reveals more about All the Mods Gravitas 2, including the fact you’re able to make machines with the Create mod. There are multiple technologies to discover and use in-game, and the quests will help you reach that goal. Grab friends and embark on your own All the Mods Gravitas 2 server to begin a grand adventure in Minecraft. This is amplified with chunk claiming and FTB parties!

FAQ – All the Mods Gravitas 2

What Minecraft version is for All the Mods Gravitas 2?

ATM Gravitas 2 is for Minecraft Forge 1.20.1, with no plans to update it.

How many mods are in the ATM Gravitas 2 modpack?

There are 160+ mods in All the Mods Gravitas 2, but you can add your own too.

How much memory (RAM) is required for ATM Gravitas 2?

The recommended memory for All the Mods Gravitas 2 is 4-7 GB for launchers, while servers require 4 GB. However, this can change depending on your computer or hardware limitations.

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How To Make a All The Mods Gravitas Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your All The Mods Gravitas server will be created instantly