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7 Days to Die Console Commands

Last modified on Apr 3, 2023 in 7 Days To Die

mc head By Nathan Young

7 Days to Die Console Commands


Hosting 7 Days to Die servers or enjoying a singleplayer experience can be entertaining for all players, but can become boring. For instance, server owners and solo players alike may want to use cheats to spawn items or control the world’s environment. This can only be done through commands, which is executed via the in-game console. These truly allow people to take control over their server, its players, the map, and other features. However, the process to use console commands may not be common knowledge, let alone what command to use. Due to this, Apex Hosting will teach you how to use them and the best ones for your 7 Days to Die experience.

How to Use Commands

Using commands in singleplayer and multiplayer differ, as players need to be admin on servers to use them. Although, we’ll be focusing on general rules for command uses. This will help you know where to input them, which is a requirement regardless of solo or multiplayer sessions.

  1. Launch 7 Days to Die on Steam, then enter into singleplayer or a server.
  2. Once the world loads and you’re able to play, press F1 on your keyboard.
  3. Afterward, enter the command in the text box of the console.
    7 Days to Die Saveworld Command

    In this example, we used the saveworld command.

  4. When it executes, you’ll see confirmation messages in the log.
    7 Days to Die Save World

    This means the command worked! Otherwise, it failed to function properly.


Command List

Let’s review every command for 7 Days to Die, as these will be extremely beneficial to you and other players. Remember, most of them require admin privileges unless being executed in singleplayer. This is something to keep in mind while exploring the command list.

giveself [item ID] [quality level]Spawns an item at your player’s feet.
giveselfxp [amount]Increases your experience levels.
kick [Steam ID/player name] [reason]Forcibly removes a player from the world/server.
kickall [reason]Removes all players from the game.
ban [add/remove] [Steam ID] [duration] [reason]Ban or unban a player from the world/server.
ban listReturns a list of banned players.
buffplayer [player name] [buff]Gives a buff to the specified player.
buff [buff ID]Applies a buff to your player.
debuff [buff]Remove a buff from your player.
debuffplayer [player name] [buff]Remove a buff from other players.
settime [day/night/time]Change the world’s time to a specific hour or cycle.
spawnentity [player name] [entity ID]Spawn any entity in-game.
spawnairdropSpawns an airdrop at your location.
spawnsupplycrateSpawns a supply crate above your character.
spawnscoutsSpawns 1 Screamer in the distances and navigates to the command’s location.
spawnscreenDisplays the spawn screen.
spawnwhSpawns a wandering horde in the distance, which runs to the player’s location.
whitelist [add/remove] [player name/Steam ID]Add or remove a player from the authorized list to join.
whitelist listReturns an entire list of whitelisted players.
teleport [coordinates]Transports you to an exact position or other player.
saveworldManually save the world.
help [command]Returns useful information about any command.
admin [add/remove] [Steam ID] [permission level]Allows to add or remove admins from the list with specified permission levels.
aiddebugToggles AIDirector debug output.
ai pathgridEnables pathway layout for AIs.
ai pathlinesDisplays exact pathways for AIs.
say [message]Broadcasts a message in global chat.
debugmenu [on/off]Toggles the debug menu, and allows for godmode.
chunkcacheShows all loaded chunks in the cache.
clearRemoves all output text from the command console.
cp add [command] [level]Allows you to add commands to the permission list.
cp remove [command]Removes the added command from the permission list.
cp listDisplays the entire list for defined command permissions.
deathscreen [on/off]Toggle the bloody death screen.
enablescope [on/off]Toggle debug scope.
exportcurrentconfigsExports all currently used config files to your local files.
exportitemiconsExports all item icons to your local directory.
getgamestatReturns a current game stat list to the console.
getgameprefPrints a current game preference list to the console.
gettimeShows the current number of days and time.
gfx af [0/1]Toggles anisotropic filtering.
gfx dtiSet distant terrain instancing.
gfx dtpixSet distant terrain pixel error.
givequestGive your player a quest.
killallKills all players and entities.
lightsToggles a display around light sources.
listentsLists all entities currently in-game.
listlandclaimReturns a list of all land claim blocks.
listplayeridsShows a list of all players with their IDs.
listplayersLists more information about all players.
listthreadsLists all threads.
loggamestate [message] [true/false]Returns information on the current state of the game.
loglevel [loglevel name] [true/false]Telnet/web only, but allows you to select log message types to display on connection.
memReturns memory information and calls the garbage collector.
memclReturns client memory information and calls the garbage collector.
pplistShows persistent player data.
removequestRemoves a quest from your account.
repairchunkdensity [x] [z] [fix]Used to check block densities in a chunk to match block types.
setgamepref [preference name] [value]Define a gamepref.
setgamestat [stat name] [value]Define a gamestat.
settmepunit [c/f]Determines the temperature unit.
showalbedoToggles albedo display in gBuffer.
showchunksdataReturns some data of the current chunk.
showcloudsAllows to see one layer of clouds.
shownexthordetimeDisplays the wandering horde time.
shownormalsToggles the display of normal maps in gBuffer.
showspecularToggles the display of specular values in gBuffer.
shutdownCloses the game.
sounddebugToggles the SoundManager debug output.
spectrum [choice]Force a lighting spectrum.
staticmapSwitches the Navazgane map between static and dynamic.
switchviewToggles first or third person views.
systeminfoReturns your computer’s CPU, OS, etc..
teleportplayer [player name] [coordinates]Teleports a player to the specified location.
traderareaForce out of trader areas, but can reenter unless closed.
updatelighton [player name]Commands for UpdateLightOnAllMaterials and UpdateLightOnPlayers.
versionReturns the game’s version and its loaded mods.
starveMakes your player hungry.
thirstyMakes your character thirsty.
exhaustedMakes your player exhausted.
waterControl water settings, type “help water” for more info.
weatherControl weather settings, type “help weather” for more info.
weathersurvival [on/off]Toggles weather survival.


Common Issues

Commands Aren’t Working
If you’re hosting a server and attempting to use cheat commands or other ones, then make sure your account has admin permissions. This is a requirement for many of them, as you wouldn’t want default players to use cheats. However, if you are admin or in singleplayer and commands still don’t work, then make sure you’re using the correct usage. For example, using settime needs to be like settime day or settime 1300 (24-hour time). Once the right format is used, the command should properly work.
Missing Data or Events
This happens when executing commands at bad times, such as saveworld when a griefer is on the server. Scenarios like this can be resolved by restoring the world, reverting recent changes (depends on the situation), or creating a new world. Unfortunately these aren’t ideal solutions, but nonetheless are here for you to try.

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