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How to Upload Workshop Maps to a Project Zomboid Server

Last modified on Nov 3, 2022 in zomboid

mc head By Dalton Whalen


In the zombie-infested apocalypse of Project Zomboid, there are many locations to play and attempt to survive in. After some time, however, you may find these options to be limiting and wish to expand your horizons. Luckily, this can be achieved with the use of the Steam Workshop, providing access to plenty of user-created maps. From redesigns of existing locations to entirely new locations, workshop maps can truly redefine the survival experience. With Apex Hosting, installing workshop maps is easy with our panel uploader and customizations, so we have created this guide to help you get started.

Subscribing to a Workshop Map

  1. Visit the Project Zomboid Workshop Page.
  2. Browse for the desired map you wish to use.
  3. Once on the map’s page, press the green Subscribe button.
    Project Zomboid Workshop Subscribe
  4. Launch Project Zomboid at least once to ensure the mods fully install.


Preparing the Files

  1. From the Steam Project Zomboid page, press the gear icon.
    Project Zomboid Workshop Browse Local Files
  2. Go to Manage > Browse Local Files until a folder opens.
  3. Within the file path at the top, click steamapps.
  4. Navigate to workshop > content > 108600.
    Project Zomboid Workshop Folders
  5. From here, locate and open the folder with the correct mod ID.
  6. Afterwards, continue to mods > MapName > media.
    Project Zomboid Workshop map Files
  7. Make note of any folders located here, as they are needed shortly.


Uploading to the Server

  1. Navigate to the Apex Server Panel, then stop the server.
  2. In the left-hand menu, enter the FTP File Access, then enter the media folder.
  3. Press Upload in the top-left, then drag + drop the folders from earlier.
    Project Zomboid Workshop Upload
  4. Once at 100% uploaded, return to the main panel page.


Configuring the Server Files

Now that the files are properly uploaded to the server, you’ll need to configure the game in a variety of places to ensure it loads up normally.

Spawn Regions Configuration

  1. From the Apex panel, enter the Config Files within the left-hand menu.
  2. Open the world_spawnregions.lua file.
    Project Zomboid Workshop Spawn Regions
  3. On a new line, copy and paste the following:
    { name = "MapName", file = "media/maps/MapName/spawnpoints.lua" },
  4. Replace both accounts of MapName with the one found earlier.
    Project Zomboid Workshop Config Files
  5. Press Save, but do not restart yet.


World Configuration

  1. Within the Config Files, open the World Config file.
  2. Locate the Mods field, then enter the Mod ID from the workshop page.
    Project Zomboid Workshop Map and Mods
  3. Under the “Map” field, enter the following:
  4. MapName;Muldraugh, KY
  5. Replace MapName with the folder name from earlier.
  6. Finally, under WorkshopItems, paste the mod’s numerical ID from the workshop page.
    Project Zomboid Workshop Mod Numerical ID
  7. Press Save at the bottom of the page, then restart the server.


Using the Map In-Game

Project Zomboid Workshop In-Game

When you launch Project Zomboid, proceed to join your server as usual, using a new user account. Your game should automatically enable the map, allowing you to connect as usual. If successful, your uploaded workshop map should now be available to select as your starting area, allowing you to jump right into the action!


With that, you now know how to download, prepare, and install a Project Zomboid workshop map. The process can be a bit confusing due to all the changes you need to make, but once it is fully configured you should be good to go. There are many maps to choose from, whether it’s to improve existing locations and buildings or to create a completely new area. With so many options from tons of users, your gameplay will remain fresh for a very long time. If you wish to remove the map at any time, simply reverse the steps you followed and clear the config files. With this new knowledge of how to install a Project Zomboid workshop map, you can gear up and survive in this apocalypse.

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