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What Is The Unable To Access Jar File Error?

Last modified on Feb 25, 2021 in server errors

mc head By ApexHosting

Unable To Access Jar File

The “Unable to access jarfile /jar/minecraft_server.jar” error states that the panel was unable to locate the server jar file as defined in the Server Jar field on the server details page.

In most cases this is due to the intended jar file not actually being in the jar folder or an invalid entry in the jar value on the server details page. When a valid server jar cannot be found then the server will hang until the issue have been fixed.

You will most commonly encounter this error when you are uploading and setting the panel to look for custom server versions that aren’t otherwise provided in our Server Jar Installer. If you have uploaded a custom jar to the jar folder of your server and are still experiencing the same error even after setting the Server Jar File field to a valid entry, then you can contact support for additional help on the matter.

To fix this, we need to find a valid entry we can use from the servers jar folder. You can review valid entries by seeing what server jar files you have in the jar folder which you can access via FTP. If a server jar file exists but is labeled something other than what the panel is looking, i.e minecraft-1.10.2.jar, then the easiest way to fix the issue is by renaming that server jar file to what the panel is looking for which is minecraft_server.jar, save and then restarting the server.

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