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Thermal Foundation Mod for Minecraft

Last modified on Oct 26, 2022 in mods

mc head By Nathan Young


Creating redstone machines on your Minecraft world allows for many unique creations, but there aren’t too many available options. This leads to a desire to locate more possibilities so you may develop custom machinery or technological items. Thermal Foundation, a Forge mod, grants you more power to be creative in-game, as it adds new energy sources and gadgets. Additionally, it implements new ores and resources for you or other players to create specialized contraptions. In this Apex Hosting guide, we’ll showcase the Thermal Foundation mod and its installation to help you get started.


Thermal Foundation Showcase

The CoFH Team created Thermal Foundation in 2014 and gathered over 88 million downloads on CurseForge. It’s a collection of common components, resources, and tools to use in-game. The mod’s purpose is to lay the foundation for other mods to gain additional functionality, hence its name. Many players use this for redstone and machine creation, as it’s more advanced compared to vanilla Minecraft. Thermal Foundation is available for Forge 1.7.10 to 1.18.2, so you can use it on most servers.


A dependency mod is required to allow Thermal Foundation to function properly, which is CoFH Core. Both mods need to be installed on the launcher and server so there are no compatibility problems.


  1. Head over to the Thermal Foundation and CoFH Core pages, then click Files.
    Thermal Foundation CurseForge
  2. Locate the version you want to install, then press the mod’s Name.
  3. From there, proceed to Download the mods and make sure they’re easily accessible.
    Thermal Foundation CurseForge Download
  4. Once you have the files, drag them into your launcher’s mods folder.
    Note: This process varies depending on your client, but follow this to install it on the default launcher.
  5. Now that the mods are installed, startup the game to confirm they load.



Make sure you have both mod files on hand for the server-side installation.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and in the top left corner, press FTP File Access.
  2. Once there, enter into the mods directory and click Upload in the top left.
  3. Drag and drop the mod files into the respective area, then wait until you see 100%.
    Thermal Foundation Server Installation
  4. Afterward, return to the main panel so you can Restart the server to load the mods.


Getting Started

Upon loading into the world with the mods enabled, it’ll feel just like normal Minecraft. However, if you enter into creative mode, then the modded items will be displayed. They all have crafting recipes for you to use in survival, which you may review here. Although, the version you selected controls what items and crafting is available. In that case you could install the Just Enough Items mod to easily find your recipes. Nonetheless, there are many features for you and other players to use in the Minecraft world. For example, new ores and tools are available to find or craft. This offers more creative options to you and other players for unique buildings or machines. The Thermal Foundation mod has an expandable design due to its many addons that allows for more items and blocks, leading to additional creativity.


There are a handful of tools to choose from, which can provide an improved game experience. For instance, these items can assist while mining or collecting loot via its unique functionality. We’ll go through popular ones to give you an idea of what they can do.

Remote Detonator
Thermal Foundation Remote Dentonator

While mining for vanilla or modded ores, TNT could be used to clear pathways and create more areas for getting resources. However, explosions hurt players and you wouldn’t want to lose any gear. The remote detonator solves this by protecting you when igniting TNT, as it allows you to explode it from a distance. In order to do that, you need to right-click the block and press V, then right-click again. It’s an easy way to detonate explosions without worrying about dying in-game.


When playing with your friends or other users, sometimes problems arise with sharing resources. If you want to protect your valuable items, then the signalum security lock helps with that. When holding the lock, you right-click the block to only make it available to yourself. The locking mechanism is a small feature that may be a huge help with large modded servers, as preventing stealing tends to be sought after.

Signalum Security Lock
Thermal Foundation Signalum Security Lock


Thermal Foundation Satchel

Minecraft has many resources and items, which can be overwhelming when storing them. This is especially true if you enjoy mining, as your inventory would become full it’ll prevent picking items up. The satchel fixes that by allowing you to automatically store them without doing anything. All you’ll need to do is press V while holding it, stash what you want to be transferred in the satchel, then walk over the entity in-game to obtain it. This will instantly move what you picked up into the extra storage unit. The satchel is an extremely helpful tool that gives better mining or farming experiences.



Thermal Foundation Materials
Thermal Foundation Materials

The amount of items from the mod exceeds two double-large chests, which is a lot. There are many blocks that will naturally spawn in the world, which can be turned into several other items or materials. If enough is collected, then you can start crafting ingots, gears, gadgets, among other things. This will greatly differ from vanilla gameplay as you explore the map since there are many modded blocks. However, viewing all of the resources requires creative mode, as that’ll show a custom GUI page with everything.

Tinker’s Workbench

Thermal Foundation Tinkers Workbench

The main aspect to the Thermal Foundation mod is its energy and machinery uses. There is fuel in-game that ranges from crude oil to redstone flux, which is required to create machines and powered items. The Tinker’s Workbench is how you and other players manage these energy sources. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do with the base mod since the addons are what truly allows for creativity.

In order to craft them, you first need to make a Redstone Reception Coil. The item list below shows how to do that.

  • Redstone x2
  • Gold Ingot x1
Thermal Foundation Redstone Reception Coil Recipe


Thermal Foundation Tinkers Workbench Recipe

Once you have that item, you can create a workbench by gathering the items below.

  • Iron Ingot x3
  • Glass Block x2
  • Crafting Table x1
  • Wood Planks x2
  • Redstone Reception Coil



Thermal Foundation Mobs

There are three hostile mobs that Thermal Foundation implements into the game, which are Blizz, Blitz, and Basalz. These entities are similar to blazes, but with unique features! The Blizz mob spawns in cold biomes, blitzs spawn in deserts and savannas, and the basalzs spawn in mountains or hill biomes. All three mobs are rarer than any other hostile entity and can be in groups of 1 to 4. They are difficult creatures to kill, so be careful when exploring the mentioned biomes.


Thermal Foundation Configuration

Thermal Foundation’s configuration can be found in the thermal-server.toml file from your world’s serverconfig directory. It contains a variety of settings to edit, such as blocks retaining energy or specific item uses. There shouldn’t be any need to edit these options, but it’s available to you. Although, if you install Thermal addons then it would be beneficial to review the config file.


As noted before, Thermal Foundation is the groundwork for its additional mods that you can install. They add all sorts of new features and functions, which might be useful to you in the world.

Thermal Cultivation – Adds water cans to improve farming.
Thermal Dynamics – Adds technological blocks for transportation, energy, and fluids.
Thermal Expansion – Adds tons of technology and magic to the world.
Thermal Innovation – Adds unique tools and equipment.
Thermal Integration – Adds compatibility for recipes, materials, and enchantments.
Thermal Locomotion – Adds special rails and carts for better transportation or machines.


Using Thermal Foundations’ materials to craft specialized machines or items gives you and other players the opportunity to be creative. There are many different resources available in the world, so exploring can be fun. Once needed materials are gathered, you may craft tools to help with collecting more loot. It also assists with locating or creating new energy sources for your custom machinery. If you decide to install Thermal addons, then there will be tons of features added in the world for even more creativity. We wish you a good time exploring the world and using the Thermal Foundation mod on your Minecraft Forge server.

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