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Starbound Admin Commands

Last modified on Aug 10, 2023 in Starbound

mc head By Dalton Whalen

Starbound Admin Commands


As you travel the universe in Starbound, there are tons to gather and explore. Eventually, you may find yourself in need of using commands to modify the server. Whether this is to track down troublesome players or to give yourself lost items, there is plenty to try out. In addition to admin commands, there are also a few commands that anyone can use, which can be helpful to toggle PvP, find your location, and more. Learning to access commands can be tedious, but our Apex Hosting panel makes the necessary configurations needed. With this in mind, we have created this tutorial to help you get started.

Becoming an Admin

Before you can access admin commands, you must first set yourself as an admin on the server. For a full guide on how to create user accounts for Starbound, visit our guide here.

  1. Navigate to the Apex server panel, then stop the server.
  2. In the left-hand menu, enter the Config Files tab, followed by Server Config.
    Starbound Commands Server Config
  3. Within the new editor, scroll down to the following section:
      "serverUsers" : {

  4. Highlight both lines, then replace it with the following:
      "serverUsers" : {
        "UsernameHere" : {
            "admin" : false,
            "password" : "PasswordHere"

  5. Replace UsernameHere and Password here with your desired information.
    Starbound Commands User Setup
  6. Finally, ensure that admin is set to true, then save and restart the server.


Note: When you go to join your server, you will now need to use the Server Account and Server Password fields. Simply enter the username and password you defined in the config file, then join the server. If you receive an error, ensure you are using the correct information.

Starbound Commands Join


Using Commands

Starbound Commands Admin Access

Once you spawn in the server, press the “/” key to open the in-game chat, then continue to type out the command you wish to use. To use admin commands, use /admin, which should provide a message informing you that admin privileges have been provided to you.


Available Commands

There are many commands that are available to the player, most of which are categorized into Player Commands and Admin Commands. Player Commands can be accessed by anyone, while only admins can access the latter.

Player Commands

/helpDisplays a list of commands or provides detailed info on a specific command.
/reloadReloads your client-side assets, which can be helpful when testing a mod.
/whoamiDisplays your local username and admin status.
/serverwhoamiDisplays your server username and admin status.
/whereamiDisplays the celestial coordinates for your current location.
/pvpToggles Player Vs. Player for your character.
/playedThe total play time for the current character.
/deathsShows the total amount of deaths on your current character.
/suicideKills the current character, which will act no different from a normal death.
/nakedRemoves all gear, which can be helpful for equipping new items.
/monochromelightingToggles monochrome lighting, which can also be achieved from the options menu.


Admin Commands

/bountyhunterCompletes early-game quests and warps the player to prepare them for bounty hunting.
/warpTeleports the user to a location on a planet or within an instanced area.
/timewarpModifies the universe time forwards or backwards, which will update day/night cycles.
/settileprotectionSet protection for a specific dungeonid to make them breakable or unbreakable.
/setspawnpointSets the default spawn point for all players who beam down to a world.
/spawnitemSpawns the specified item to your mouse cursor.
/spawntreasureSpawns the items from a specified treasure pool at the mouse cursor.
/spawnmonsterSpawns a specified monster and level at the mouse cursor.
/spawnnpcSpawns an NPC of the specified species and type at the mouse cursor.
/spawnvehicleSpawns a specified vehicle to the mouse cursor.
/spawnstagehandSpawns a Standhand of the specified type.
/clearstagehandDespawns any Stagehands close to the mouse cursor.
/spawnliquidSpawns a specified liquid and quantity at the mouse cursor.
/kickKicks a specified player from the server with an optional reason.
/banBans a character, IP address, or both from joining the server with an optional reason.
/listDisplays all players currently logged into the server.
/whereisDisplays the celestial coordinates of the specified player.
/serverreloadReloads the server-side assets, may cause lag as they are reparsed.
/enablespawningEnables automatic monster spawning on the current world.
/disablespawningDisables automatic monster spawning on the current world.
/placedungeonPlace the specified dungeon into the world at a given location or mouse cursor.
/setuniverseflagSets the current universe flag, triggering associated world changes.
/resetuniverseflagsClears all universe flags, but does not directly revert triggered effects.
/addbiomeregionAdds a specified biome at the cursor on terrestrial worlds.
/expandbiomeregionExpands the biome at the mouse cursor on terrestrial worlds.
/updateplanettypeChanges the planet type and weather pools of the specified celestial object.
/setenvironmentbiomeChanges the background parallax of the current layer. Fails terribly on non-terrestrial worlds.
/setdungeonidSets the dungeonid of the tile at the mouse cursor.
/warprandomWarps to a random planet of the specified type.
/unbanipRemoves the specified address from temporary and permanent ban lists.


Common Issues

Insufficient privileges error:
Oftentimes, this error will appear if you do not have admin access on the server when using admin commands. In order to use these commands, ensure you first execute the /admin command from in-game. If you cannot use /admin, make sure you are logged into a user account with admin privileges set to true.

No such account or incorrect password:
If you are receiving this error when logging in, this often means you are using an incorrect username or password to log in. Return to the Server Config section of the panel, then double check the exact spelling of both the username and password. Once the correct information has been entered, you should be able to log in and play as intended.

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