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How to Connect to a Starbound Server

Last modified on Aug 10, 2023 in starbound

mc head By Dalton Whalen


After escaping your home’s destruction on a damaged spaceship, your only choice is to beam down to the planet below to survive in the worlds of Starbound. Choose from a variety of playstyles by yourself or with friends to farm, explore dungeons, or build massive structures that tower over the world. Made entirely for multiplayer and modding, Starbound allows you to add new items, quests, dungeons, and much more whenever it is desired. Visit a whole universe on a Starbound dedicated server, allowing you to play through a story campaign and build your crew from the ground up. To get started, you’ll have to join a Starbound server, so we have created this Apex Hosting tutorial to guide you through the necessary instructions.

Locating the Server Address

  1. Visit the Apex Server Panel, then log in.
  2. Following this, ensure the Starbound server is marked as online.
  3. From the main panel page, scroll down to the IP Address:Port section.
    Starbound Join IP Address
  4. Copy the address to a safe location, as it will be needed shortly.


Separating the Address

Before you can connect, you must separate the server address into the individual IP and port. The IP before the colon (:) is the IP Address, while the 5 digits following the colon is the port.

For example, if the server address is, it will become:

IP Address –
Port – 25611

Connecting In-Game

Once you have the individual IP and Port ready, you can begin connecting to your Starbound server.

  1. Launch the Starbound game on your computer.
  2. When on the main menu, press Join Game.
    Starbound Join Main Menu
  3. Create or select the character you wish to use.
  4. In the prompt enter the IP Address in the first text field.
    Starbound Join Server Info
  5. Within the smaller text field, enter the server’s port.
  6. (Optional) If configured, log into a user account.
  7. Press Join Server to begin connecting and start playing.
    Starbound Join In-Game

Starbound will automatically save the previous address, allowing you to quickly reconnect to the server at any time. Keep in mind that joining a new server will overwrite the saved address, requiring it to be manually entered once again.

Common Issues

Join failed! Error connecting to X / Failed to determine address:

When this error occurs, it means the server cannot be reached whatsoever. First, visit the Apex panel and ensure the server is marked as online and functional. If you are unsure, restart the server and check the console to confirm it starts correctly. If issues still occur, ensure the IP and port is correctly entered through the in-game join menu. If any information is mis-typed or entered in the wrong fields, the server will not be located and these errors will occur.

No such account or incorrect password:

This error will appear if an unknown username or incorrect password has been entered while trying to join. If users have not been configured on the server beforehand, these two fields are unnecessary and will only provide an error while trying to join. Simply remove the name and password, then connect normally. If user accounts are set up, make sure the information matches what is created in the server settings file and try again.

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