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Sons Of The Forest AI System

Posted: Feb 26, 2023 in Sons Of The Forest

mc head By Nathan Young


Artificial Intelligence in gaming plays an important role to create an engaging environment for all to enjoy. The makers of The Forest, Endnight Games, knew this during the development of their beloved title. Players of this game provided tons of positive feedback, as the NPCs’ behaviors created a truly survival horror experience. For instance, being randomly spied on by a group of cannibals, then hunted down by them when getting too close adds onto the spookiness of the game. Due to this NPC popularity, Endnight developed a sequel called Sons Of The Forest that has a brand new AI system for players to enjoy. Fans are looking forward to what new additions this will bring to the table. One of these is that all NPCs will develop their interactions through individual experiences, making them as real as possible. This may just be a complete game changer in the genre. Let’s explore what the new AI system for Sons Of The Forest is all about!

A Brief History

During the height of The Forest’s popularity, the AI system was being talked about a lot. Many players enjoyed this feature, which the developers marked down for its sequel. This is proven in an interview with Endnight Games from 2020, “We decided to take the core DNA of The Forest…then merge that gameplay with some of the new A.I. ideas…”. In other words, they’ve been working hard on a brand new interaction system for enemies and characters in Sons Of The Forest. Improvement is always an aspect developers strive for, especially when it comes to this game.

The Forest AI


New AI Tool

Sons Of The Forest Tools

The new AI system for Sons Of The Forest is called V.A.I.L., revolutionizing the NPCs you’ll encounter in the game. This tool, like many others, will help players feel completely immersed in the surrounding environment. Whether they’re your companion in singleplayer or an enemy hunting you down, these NPCs will feel alive in-game. This is the main goal for the developers, to keep the core gameplay features of The Forest, but fully improving them to create a new experience for the sequel. It’s not just the AI system being enhanced too, as the world is four times bigger than its predecessor!


In-game Experience

Sons Of The Forest AI

Players enjoying Sons Of The Forest will notice that NPCs have emotions and feelings, which is hard to believe at first. This is due to the fact they can be afraid, tired, angry, hungry, thirsty, or even bored. These aspects will influence their decisions, adding onto the realism in the game. Sometimes, they may decide to zipline into your base after scouting it out. These features affect both enemies and companions, so be cautious around them. You wouldn’t want one to become hangry over some spoiled milk, as they may decide to harm you for it!


The new AI system for Sons Of The Forest is truly a game changer in the series, especially when they make everything feel alive. Players will surely experience a unique environment, but this also means the horrific encounters will be that more terrifying. This is amplified by the multiplayer experience, as that’ll mean more factors impact an NPC’s thought process to make decisions. We hope this blog provided you with details about the game’s new AI system. If you want more about Sons Of The Forest, then review this resource. Besides this, catch you next time gamers!

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