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Setup and Play a FTB Sky Adventures Server in Minecraft

Last modified on May 19, 2023 in Modpacks

mc head By Dalton Whalen

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While on a Minecraft server, the gameplay loop is often entertaining, but becomes repetitive after a while. To combat this, players created alternative ways to play, ranging from skyblock challenges to many different modpacks. One of these packs, FTB Sky Adventures, blends these two elements together. When you spawn on your floating island, you will need to complete various quests to expand, gather resources, and earn money. With time, your basic island will grow into a technological and magical paradise. Installing modpacks is easy with our Apex Hosting version installer, so we have created this tutorial to help you get started.


FTB Sky Adventures is a large 1.12.2 modpack focused on tech and magic while surviving on a floating island. The pack is developed by Feed The Beast and has approximately 196 mods. The game revolves around Project-E for resource gathering and FTB Quests, with in-game money provided as rewards to purchase a variety of items.

Server-Side Installation

  1. Navigate to the Apex server panel, then stop the server.
  2. Scroll down to the Game File section, then open the dropdown.
    FTB Sky Adventures Game File
  3. Locate and select FTB Sky Adventures, then confirm the version change.
  4. In the next prompt, it is recommended to generate a new world.
    FTB Sky Adventures New World
  5. Afterwards, restart the server to load up the modpack.


Setting Level Type

  1. From the Apex panel, enter the Config Files in the left-hand menu.
  2. Here, locate and click the “Server Settings” option.
    FTB Sky Adventures Server Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Level Type field.
  4. Change the text field to void, then press Save at the bottom of the page.
    FTB Sky Adventures Level Type
  5. Generate a new world when prompted, then restart.


Client-Side Installation

Before you or any other players can join the server, the FTB Sky Adventures modpack must also be installed client-side.


  1. Visit the FTB App Download Page.
  2. Click the “Download for Windows” button, then save the file.
    FTB Sky Adventures FTB App
  3. Run the .exe file to install the program, then open the app once complete.
  4. Within the FTB App, enter the Browse section, then search for Sky Adventures.
  5. Select FTB Sky Adventures, then press the green Install button.
    FTB Sky Adventures Install
  6. When prompted, change the version to 1.5.0.
  7. Once done, proceed to the new instance, then press Play.



  1. Visit the FTB App Download Page.
  2. Press the Download for MacOS button, then save the file.
  3. Run the .dmg file to install the program, then open the app once complete.
  4. Within the FTB App, click the Browse section, then search for Sky Adventures.
    FTB Sky Adventures Browse
  5. Select FTB Sky Adventures, then press the green Install button.
  6. Once prompted, set the version dropdown to 1.5.0.
  7. Afterwards, proceed to the new instance, then press Play.


How to Get Started

Once you join your server, you will find yourself on a small island. This will have a large tree, a small building, and a dried-up fishing hole. There is plenty to do, but a few steps will be important:

Joining a Team

FTB Sky Adventures Join Team

Before you can get started, you must first join a team. To do this, simply open your chat and press the first [Click Here] message. In the new window press Create a New Team, choose a color, and press Accept. Once done, you will now be part of a team and can access the other features from this modpack.

Akashic Tome

FTB Sky Adventures Tome

One of the two items in your inventory will be the Akashic Tome. When right-clicked, this book opens a menu with many options. By selecting a book, the Tome will transform into the selected option, allowing you to view information on various mods. When you are done, left-clicking the air will transform the Akashic Tome back into its original state.


Quest Book

One of the main features of FTB Sky Adventures is the inclusion of the Quest Book. This book provides various goals to work through in the pack and get set up. From simple quests like obtaining wood to constructing complicated technology, this will be your guide.
Quest Categories

FTB Sky Adventures Categories

Upon opening the Quest Book for the first time, there will be many buttons and icons. However by turning your focus to the top of the screen, you will find various icons representing the categories of quests. These include the starter quests, weapons, food, farms, and much more. While you can view each of the quests now, we will stick to the Getting Started questline.
Completing Quests

FTB Sky Adventures Tasks
FTB Sky Adventures Rewards

To start, click the money icon, which will display your required tasks. In this case, you will need to collect 16 oak wood planks, which can be crafted from the island tree. Once done, the quest should automatically complete, allowing you to click the reward. Any rewards should be automatically added to your inventory.
Rewards Store

Almost every quest reward will provide you with currency of varying amounts. These can be redeemed in the last tab of the quest book. Here you can purchase spawn eggs, exp, mob farm spikes, and much more. The items tend to get expensive, so consider saving any currency you receive.

FTB Sky Adventures Reward Shop

Next Steps

FTB Sky Adventures Next Steps

From here, you can continue to complete the quests provided to expand your island, gather more items, and more. With time you will begin making important mob farms and technology, which will bring your gameplay to the next level. While it can be overwhelming at first, sticking to your quest book is the optimal way to proceed.


Common Issues

I get an error when joining the server:
Oftentimes, this will occur when the modpack is not running on both the server and client properly. First, ensure that the server is set to FTB Sky Adventures, then wait until it is marked as online after the restart. Additionally, make sure you are launching the modpack directly through the FTB App, otherwise you will be unable to join and play. If you still receive errors, check that you have selected the 1.5.0 version during the client-side installation process.

I keep falling through the void:
This often occurs if the world type was not properly set in the Config Files ahead of time. To fix this, enter the Config Files > Server Settings from earlier and ensure the level type is set to void. If it is set to anything else, it will not work and cause this issue to persist. After entering the level type, press the Save button, generate a new world, then restart once again.

Helpful Links

Feed The Beast App
FTB Sky Adventures Page

How To Make a FTB Sky Adventures Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your FTB Sky Adventures server will be created instantly