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Minecraft Wolf Variants

Posted: Mar 26, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Since the release of Minecraft Snapshot 24w10a, new wolf variants have been added. This provides you with more customization to build the best army of wolves, which is amplified with armor. That’s right! You and other players alike can begin taming these unique companions. Whether you prefer one over the other, you have a handful of opportunities! Where do the new wolf variants spawn in Minecraft? How many are there? Can you summon them with cheats? We’ll be answering all these questions and more in this Apex Hosting blog to get you started!

New Wolf Variations in Minecraft

In recent updates of Minecraft, there are now 8 new wolf variants to discover in-game. These are biome-specific, meaning they only appear in certain areas of the world. Each wolf variation has its own unique pattern, such as mixed colors of black, orange, white, brown, and more. In cases where players wish to summon them, they’ll have to navigate to the corresponding biome and use wolf spawn eggs. If you’re still a fan of the classic variant, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s still possible to find them. Besides that, check out all the new wolf variants in Minecraft.

Woods Wolf

Minecraft Woods Wolf

Ashen Wolf

Minecraft Ashen Wolf

Black Wolf

Minecraft Black Wolf

Chestnut Wolf

Minecraft Chestnut Wolf

Rusty Wolf

Minecraft Rusty Wolf

Spotted Wolf

Minecraft Spotted Wolf

Striped Wolf

Minecraft Striped Wolf

Snowy Wolf

Minecraft Snowy Wolf


Minecraft New Wolf Spawn Locations

While playing on your world, make note of these key biomes for new wolf variants to spawn. Use this information to your advantage to summon or find them in Minecraft. Keep in mind that future snapshots or updates might alter these biomes. Only until the full release can we be certain!

WolvesSpawn Location
Pale WolfTaiga
Woods WolfForest
Ashen WolfSnow Taiga
Black WolfOld Growth Pine Taiga
Chestnut WolfOld Growth Spruce Taiga
Rusty WolfSparse Jungle
Spotted WolfSavanna Plateau
Striped WolfWooded Badlands
Snowy WolfGrove


Taming Wolves with Friends in Minecraft

Grab friends and jump into your Minecraft server to begin finding wolves to tame. Search for their specific biome and begin claiming them as your own companion. Once you gather them, consider applying wolf armor to them for extra protection and aesthetics. Capture the best wolves to make an amazing army to defend against hostile mobs, or have them nearby in bases as buddies. Embark on this grand quest to hunt for all new wolf variants in Minecraft – have a good one!

Wolf Variants FAQ

Where do new wolf variants spawn in Minecraft?

Each new wolf variant has its own unique spawn location in-game, meaning players must search for certain biomes to find them. For example, a Rusty Wolf only appears in Sparse Jungles. Review our “Minecraft New Wolf Spawn Locations” section to learn more.

What version of Minecraft has new wolf variants?

The earliest version of Minecraft that added new wolf variants is Snapshot 24w10a. As for Bedrock Edition, Preview is the update that includes different wolves. When full releases are available, players can expect to see wolf variants in Minecraft without having to use specific versions.

Can I summon new wolf variants in Minecraft?

Yes, but only with spawn eggs at specific biomes for each new wolf variant. It might be possible to use NBT tags with the /summon command to achieve the same result.

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