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Minecraft Storage Room Ideas

Posted: Nov 16, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Building storage rooms in Minecraft is what every player does eventually, as storing materials is almost completely unavoidable. Whether you’re wanting to simply organize your items or store loot from raids, these chest areas in your base can do that. However, there are many different designs and ideas to implement, from automatic storage to hidden rooms. We’ll briefly go through them to showcase what is possible in Minecraft, but note that you can combine these methods to create an amazing chest system. For instance, imagine creating a secret, underground base with automation to easily store items. This sounds pretty cool and useful, so let’s jump right into Minecraft storage room ideas to get you started.

Possible Designs

Minecraft Storage Room

As we all likely know, the most important element to any storage room is organization. This can be for the chests or its contents, depending on how you want to set it up. Some players don’t care about storing their loot in a nice and neat fashion. Other times, users add item frames to their chests to categorize them. This is by far the most common method for any storage design, as it’s easy to find what you’re wanting. It can be implemented into almost any build, whether it’s underground, in the air, or a giant floating mansion in the End dimension. If you’re a terrible builder, don’t worry about making crazy structures for a simple storage room. Instead, focus on being creative and organizing your items in your base.

Secret Room
Minecraft Hidden Room

Players tend to hide items from their peers, as diamonds or other valuable materials tend to get stolen. You could use an ender chest to do that, but why be boring? Spice up your base with a hidden room to store your goods. This idea can be applied to any type of build, from large to small structures. Otherwise, you can set up a trapdoor leading towards a huge space for chests. These ideas are pretty much endless, so start trying designs out for yourself to see what suits your needs.


Automatic Storage

If you’re a redstone engineer, with a degree and all, then consider using an automatic storage system in your base. The design for this can be simple or overly complex, depending on the structure’s size. It sorts everything through hoppers and allows you to easily find desired items. Combine this idea with item frames to create a professional-grade storage room. Alternatively, try them all out or with some of yours to make the best storage room.

Minecraft Automatic Chest Sorter



Minecraft Chests

Create that perfect Minecraft base in style with your fancy storage rooms, as other players may become jealous of your skills. This ego boost may just motivate you towards creating a fully dedicated area for storing items, such as those found at mob farms. Regardless of the reasoning, collecting materials is unavoidable so establishing storage rooms is absolutely required. Hopefully, the designs above gave you some ideas to start making a fantastic build. However, remember that most or all of these suggestions can be combined to form the ultimate storage room. Either way gamer, we wish you the best of luck during your Minecraft adventures!

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