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Minecraft Immersive Engineering Mod

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in Mods

mc head By Noah


Ever since redstone was introduced to Minecraft, players have been wanting to build bigger and better machines in the game. Being able to automate everything has become a popular pastime for redstone engineers. Immersive Engineering augments this aspect of the game by adding many new machines and mechanics to experiment with. The mod includes new tools to allow players to create bigger, better, and more efficient builds than ever before. Skyhooks, fully automated potato farms, and industrial mining equipment are just a few of the machines this mod can add to your game. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to get started with Immersive Engineering on your Apex Hosting server.

Downloading the Mod

There are several different versions of Immersive Engineering available to download. Which one you need will depend entirely on the version of the game you want to play.

  1. Navigate to the Immersive Engineering page over on CurseForge.
  2. Click on the “Files” tab at the top of the page.
    Files tab on the CurseForge website
  3. Click on the “View All” button on the next page, then find the “Game Version” you are wanting to play on from the list of files.
    Game Version tab on the CurseForge website
  4. Click on the download button next to the version you want to download immediately.

You should now have a file named something similar to “ImmersiveEngineering.jar”. This is the file for the mod itself. You will need it to install the mod on both your server and your client.

Server Installation

  1. Open your server’s control panel and change the Game File to Forge
  2. Restart the server so the changes can take effect.
  3. Open your server’s control panel and click on the FTP File Access tab.
    Finding the right folder on the panel
  4. Login using your control panel password, then click on the mods folder
  5. Use the upload tab to add the mod to the mods folder.
    Uploading the mod file

Once the upload is completed, head back to the main page of your control panel and restart the server one more time. The server will load the mod for you as it restarts.

Client Installation

  1. Download Forge from the Forge Download page.
  2. Install Forge according to our guide here.
    Locating the mods folder
  3. Once installed, start the game and click on the new “Mods” button on the main menu.
  4. Click on the “Open mods folder” button, then drag the mod into your mods folder.
Checking the mods menu

Once you have placed the mod into your mods folder, restart the game to complete the installation. The game will load the mod for you and you can see which mods are installed by clicking on the Mods button again.

Getting Started

While Immersive Engineering adds a lot of new tools and features, it is ultimately all about energy. Everything you create or use in this mod will need to be powered in some way or another to function. So long as you are able to manage your energy usage, you will be able to build almost anything. The tools, machines, and resources listed below will help you start building the foundations of your future factory.

Getting Your Engineer’s manual

This may be the most useful tool for everyone starting with Immersive Engineering. The manual is an in-game guide to the entire mod. It gives in-depth tutorials on every feature as well as an overview of any recent changes to the mod.

Recipe for the Engineer's Manual
Getting help from Clippy

You can create the manual by combining a book with a lever at a crafting table. The manual includes a search feature that you can use by clicking on the dark tab on the right side of the book. From there you can type in keywords to find what you are looking for. Clippy will show up to help you out if needed.

Creating Your First Energy Source

With your Engineer’s Manual in hand, you are ready to start generating energy to power your new machines. Immersive Engineering adds a lot of new tools and automation methods to the game, but creating energy is the main focus of the mod. Energy is measured by Immersive Flux (IF) known simply as Flux. You can measure Flux by either looking at a block used to hold or generate it.

Hammer recipe
Wirecutters recipe

You will need the Engineer’s Hammer and the Engineer’s Wirecutters to make several of the items you will need. You can create them using the recipes shown above.

Kinetic Dynamo

The easiest ways to create energy are to use a Water Wheel or a Windmill. For this guide, we are going to build a Water Wheel, but no matter which method you choose you will need to create a Kinetic Dynamo. These blocks turn the movement of the wheel into energy for you to use or store later.

Smelting copper in a blast furnace

To create a Dynamo, you will first need to make some Copper Wire. To do this, toss some Copper Ore into a furnace or blast furnace to get Copper Ingots.

Copper plate recipe
Wire recipe

Once you have the ingots, take them to a crafting table and use the hammer to flatten them out into Copper Plates. Use the Wirecutters in the same manner as the Hammer to turn the plates into Copper Wire.

Wire coil recipe
Copper coil block recipe

With the Copper Wire in hand, place it into the crafting table with a stick to get an LV Wire Coil. You will need eight of these coils to create the dynamo. Place the coils into a crafting table with an Iron Ingot to create a Copper Coil Block using the recipe above.

Kinetic dynamo recipe

With the Coil Block ready, you can now create your first Dynamo. Place the block into a crafting table along with three iron ingots and two pieces of redstone dust to make the Dynamo. Once you have it, you are ready to get started on your water wheel.

Water Wheel

A completed water wheel

The easiest way to generate energy is to use a waterwheel. To create a water wheel you will need Treated Sticks, Treated Wood Planks, and a Steel Ingot.

Treated wood recipe
Treated sticks recipe

You can create Treated Wood planks by placing any wood planks into a crafting table with some Creosote Oil from the Coke Oven. Once you have the planks you can make Treated Sticks the same way you would regular sticks from the base game. Drop a pair of Treated Planks, one on top of the other, into the crafting table and you will be given 4 Treated Sticks.

Water wheel paddles recipe

Use four of these Treated Sticks and three of the Treated Planks to create a Water Wheel Segment by following the recipe above. You will need at least four of these segments to create the wheel.

Water wheel recipe

After you have four segments, place them into a crafting bench with a Steel Ingot to create your first Water Wheel. You can get Steel by smelting iron in the Crude Blast Furnace, information on the furnace can be found on the FTB wiki.

A basic water wheel setup

The Water Wheel needs flowing water to run properly. Find or create a spot with flowing water, then place the dynamo somewhere nearby. The wheel will need to be attached to the dynamo to work properly. The water wheel is covered in wooden paddles along the outside. You will need to place the wheel so the paddles are pushed by the flowing water. Once you have it set up, the wheel will keep producing energy so long as the water keeps flowing. You can attach the dynamo to a capacitor using wires to start sending the energy to other machines.

Useful Tips

1. Nickel and some of the other new ores can be difficult to spot while you are mining. Adding a resource pack such as Updated Engineering or a mod like Jade can make them stand out without breaking immersion.

2. Iron and wood are essential for the machines added by this mod. The sooner you can build a basic iron farm or an excavator, the better. Also, be sure to use any saplings you pick up so you can harvest them for wood later.

3. Electrician villagers sell a lot of the basic resources that can be tedious to make. Try to find one early on and do your best to protect them. Level up their trades or build a villager trading hall with several of them to save yourself a lot of time later on.


Immersive Engineering’s popularity has given rise to several addons. These addons are independent mods that can improve your experience when using Immersive Engineering. They can add new items, mechanics, tools, and machines for you to play with as you expand your factory. Here are a few of the more popular addons.

Immersive Petrolerum

Immersive Petroleum adds crude oil to your world along with many new machines to extract and refine it.

Immersive Posts

Immersive Posts adds more variety to the posts added by Immersive Engineering. These posts can have transformers placed on them and be expanded with more posts to fit your needs.

I Like Wood

This mod adds fairly basic tables and chairs you would expect out of a furniture mod and more tool variety.


Immersive Engineering is an expansive mod that adds more to the game than we could cover in a single guide. It may feel confusing to use at first, but the new tools and machines will let you build almost any contraption you can imagine. Thanks to this mod it is possible to automate every farm you could ever need. There are no limits to what you can create, and with the basic information in this guide, you are ready to start building your own industrial paradise.

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