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How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Posted: Nov 4, 2020 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Books. Bookshelves. Book and Quill. Maps. Fireworks. Let’s be honest, Paper in Minecraft isn’t that useful of an item. Enchanting, penmanship, cartography, and beautiful explosives. There aren’t that many uses, but Paper isn’t totally useless. Today, I’ll be going over how to make Paper along with all of its functions. Now, with that said, let us begin!

What Is The Paper Recipe in Minecraft?

paperFirst things first, we need to get some Paper! Trust me, this’ll be easy. The first thing you need to do is find some Sugar Cane, a type of crop that spawns next to water, most of the time on sand.

These bright green crops usually grow from 1-4 blocks tall and are the main source of acquiring Paper, or at least farming it. You can farm Sugar Cane for Paper and Sugar.

How exactly do you farm Sugar Cane? Well, you basically just place the sugar cane next to a water source block and let it grow. Be wary though, as the Sugar Cane must be placed on a dirt/sand block. It won’t let you place it on any other block, so it’s not like you can mess up.
sugar cane to paper
After you’ve got the goods, you’ve got all the ingredients you need to make Paper! Just place three Sugar Cane in a horizontal line in a crafting table like so and you’ll get three sheets of future penmanship!


So, what can you do with Paper? Not too much, but more than without. Let’s take a look.

book crafting recipe Books do nothing on their own, as they are used as a basis to craft other things. Books are the primary use for Paper. To craft one, you’ll need one Leather and three Paper. Books can be used to create Enchanting Tables, Bookshelves, and Book & Quills.

map crafting recipe Maps are pretty nifty inventions, and they’ll let you navigate your immediate area with ease while also making quite an exquisite decoration for the wall. To craft one, you just need to surround a Compass with eight Paper in a Crafting Table.

Fireworks are mostly for entertainment, but firework crafting recipe can also be a useful tool in flight with an Elytra. To craft one, you just need one Paper along with one to three Gunpowder. You can also include a Firework Star, but you can leave that out.

Banner Patterns
banner pattern crafting recipe Banner patterns are used in designing Banners. To craft one, you just need one Paper and a compatible item. There are only a certain amount of compatible items, like Bricks and mob heads, so you’ll need to do some tinkering with a Loom.


Paper is a pretty cool item which acts as the main component in a lot of other items/blocks. I think it is quite cool how there are items and blocks in Minecraft which are pretty fairly simple, but when utilized properly can unlock so many features. From enchanting, cartography, and even banners, Paper is a versatile foundation for a lot of things you’ll play with in Minecraft. Now, all of you should go look for some Sugar Cane. Have a great day!

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