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How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft

Posted: Aug 2, 2020 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft Fireworks

Fireworks are awesome! What better way to express yourself than a huge assortment of decorative explosions! Added in 1.4.6, these makeshift celebratory explosives put on a light show like no other. Whether you just want to boost your Elytra, or put on a grandiose display they got your back. With that said, this will be a guide on how to craft Fireworks and its variants.

To craft a firework, you will need: firework-crafting-recipe
– Paper
– Gunpowder

The assortment of the gunpowder and paper doesn’t matter, as long as you have at least one of both.


Elytra Propelling

Anyelytra-propelling firework will propel you while flying with Elytra. To do this, just right-click with the firework in hand while flying, and you’ll soar! Be careful, move too fast headfirst into a mountainside, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster! Also, flying extensively with your Elytra will reduce the durability on it even more than normal use.


Firework Variation


Different Variants

When making fireworks, if you want to create different types with varying shapes and colors you’ll need to craft a Fireworks Star. Firework Stars are used to change the design of the fireworks and can be spliced with quite literally anything. Could be a player head, could be glowstone dust.

Here’s what you’ll need to craft a firework star:
– Colored Dye (any color)
– Gunpowder

After you’ve crafted a Firework Star, you’ll need to place it in a crafting table with a normal Firework crafting recipe.

Here’s what you’ll need to craft the firework:

– Paper
– Gunpowder
– Firework Star

Different Levels
Adding different amounts of gunpowder in the crafting table while making fireworks can extend its duration in the air. This can go from 1-3 gunpowder, each with varying heights the firework will reach.
Adding in different amounts of Firework Stars can also increase the number of explosions that occur when the firework activates in the air.
The explosions will occur simultaneously and you can add up to 6 (1-6 Firework Stars) in any formation on the Crafting Table.

You can actually shoot a firework out of a crossbow! Just place the firework in your offhand, reload, then you’re good to go! This doesn’t have much of a purpose, but it lets you aim your firework like a normal arrow, rather than it just going straight up.


Fireworks are pretty cool, but needlessly complicated. They don’t have that many uses, but at least they aren’t just a vanity item! These are all the purposes fireworks serve up to 1.16.1 but there’s nothing stopping Mojang from adding new features in the future. This guide should leave you with all the information you’ll need. With that said I hope you have a great day!

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