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Minecraft 15th Anniversary!

Posted: May 17, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

The world changed forever on May 17th, 2009 when Notch released the first version of Minecraft. At the time, who knew such a small indie game could climb to the rankings of Tetris and be solidified in society. Over the many years of Minecraft, today marks the 15th anniversary! Players across Java and Bedrock editions can enjoy a wide variety of exclusive items to celebrate. Additionally, the game is 50% off for anyone to purchase right now! In this article, we’ll cover how you’re able to get the new cape, summarize the best moments of Minecraft, and so much more – let’s dig in!

15 Years of Joy with Friends in Minecraft

Whether you saw the news on the Minecraft launcher or official website, it’s an anniversary of 15 years since it came out. This marks a huge milestone, as there have been countless versions released and features added to our beloved game. Players who started in 2009 can relive their experiences in the Classic Version, remastered for all to enjoy today. Take a step in the past and check out how far Minecraft has grown over the years. This even includes all original bugs found in this classic version, along with the limited 32 blocks available to build.

Minecraft 15th Anniversary


Best Moments of Minecraft

There are so many moments in Minecraft’s history that can be marked as huge achievements. The main one is when Notch, the creator of this game, finally released the 1.0 version to the world in 2011. This is when Minecraft exploded in popularity and overtook the gaming community with its sandbox survival gameplay. Over time, this soon expanded into an endless amount of gamemode possibilities, amplified with mods. However, there are plenty of other moments that we can look at that are considered the best in the game’s timeline.

Minecraft Notch 2011 Release


  • May 2009, Minecraft was born!
  • Indev versions added tons of new features
  • Alpha versions introduced redstone and the Nether
  • Beta versions reshaped Minecraft survival and creative
  • The Adventure Update: End dimension & enchanting
  • The Golden Age of Minecraft (1.1 to 1.7 versions)
  • Minecon events throughout the years
  • Minecraft 1.16: Nether Update

These are but a small portion of the best moments in Minecraft, as there are tons of them. Check out the timeline here!

Community & Servers

Minecraft First Mob Vote 2017

As Minecraft evolved, Mojang and Microsoft pushed for more community driven events. These came in the form of conventions and live streams, with notable mob votes for players to pick a new creature in the next version. Whether you appreciate it or not, this effort to bring together everyone had massive impacts on the community. We’ve seen different types of events for each edition of Minecraft, with the main focus being on Java.


With its overwhelming popularity, millions of players created or joined Minecraft servers. These range from minigames to factions, with strong communities backing them. Hypixel is a prime example, as it’s the most popular Minecraft server in history. This multiplayer aspect is the primary driving force behind the overall success of the game, as playing with friends is extremely important. Hosting your own dedicated server might be the perfect way to be a part of this grand adventure.

Minecraft Hypixel Hub


Minecraft 15th Anniversary Cape

Who doesn’t love capes? Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Minecraft with one right now! Get this exclusive cape by navigating here and logging in with your account to claim it. This can be equipped in both Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition. Make sure to obtain this cape while you can, as it’s a limited time offer. We suspect this will end on May 29th of this year. Once claimed, you’re able to wear the cape in Java Edition by selecting it when changing your skin. As for Bedrock, you can select to wear it in the Dressing Room while in-game.

Minecraft 15th Anniversary Cape


Shaping Your World Since 2009

The world saw its first ever version of Minecraft on May 17th, 2009. This was formerly known as the Cave Game, which quickly became what it is today. Players around the globe came together and started making castles, bases, and even pixel art of famous characters. During this classic time, some went above and beyond to find bugs – which became fan favorites in the community. Further down the road, Minecraft officially launched in 2011. The rest is history! Grab friends and begin celebrating Minecraft’s 15th anniversary on your own server with an exclusive cape.

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