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Who Created Minecraft?

Posted: Sep 21, 2020 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


notchImagine this. You’re Markus “Notch” Persson in class. Language Arts is boring as ever, and the bell is about to ring. Ring! The door slams open as you hear the professor mutter something about homework, or whatever. Once you rush home, you have the time of your life playing with your LEGO sets. Fast-forward two years later. You want to create a game, but you don’t know where to start. How will it play? How will it look? What will the theme be? Little did Notch know, he would go to create the most popular game in the world.


Notch made the first playable version of Minecraft in just a few days! He shared a clip of his first test run which he dubbed “Cave Game” on Youtube. After this, Minecraft only went up in popularity. The naming of the game came into play.

About this time Markus, in the wake of examining the issue with certain companions at the TIGSource gathering, chose to call his game Minecraft. The name was a blend of the words ‘mine’ for mining minerals in shafts, and ‘craft’ as in building or making something. The name is sort of a wink at Blizzard’s games like Warcraft and StarCraft, and the immensely effective online pretending game World of Warcraft. At first, the game had the caption ‘Order of the Stone’ a reference to the online arrangement Order of the Stick, of which Markus was a fan, however that thought was rejected before the game was delivered to the general population.

Markus minecraftwas persuaded that he was onto something significant, however, persuading his general surroundings of the greatness of his game was not all that simple. A lot of various thoughts converged into Minecraft, and clarifying them with no sort of exhibit was muddled. With his mother, Markus discussed Minecraft over coffee. He informed her regarding the structures, the adventure, the climate, and afterward clarified how the game would be both easy to learn yet extensive in possibilities. Possibly it could form into something incredible, he thought aloudPossibly he should pull out of his day job and center completely around Minecraft. His mother was supportive, but expressed her concerns about the viability of game development as an income, a notion that Notch shared with her. It wasn’t altogether simple to help oneself on game improvement alone.

After this, Notch’s alpha was released for half of what the intended price tag would be. $13 could get you a full copy of Minecraft, and access to all of its updates. Initially, Notch was obsessed with the sales that he did get. He didn’t expect anything, but was excited over seven sales a day. He has said that the game would have never been possible without the sales that it made during Alpha.


Over a decade later and here we are. Although Notch doesn’t work on the game anymore, without him Minecraft wouldn’t even exist! Can you imagine? I sure can’t! The impact he has made on gaming is astounding, and it goes to show that you don’t need big bucks or even hundreds of hours. All you really need to hit it off is a little creativity and to believe in yourself. The simplest idea was the most successful, and after a couple shifts in ownership, Minecraft will continue to stay relevant as the greatest game ever made.

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