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Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 Winners

Posted: Oct 17, 2023 in Server Updates

mc head By Nathan Young

Welcome Armadillos!

Yet again annual mob vote in Minecraft, this time with realistic mobs being introduced to the community. After this event concluded in 2023, the clear winner was armadillos. These mobs are located in deserts and savannas, making them commonly found among players. Don’t scare it away now! It’ll begin to make a quick escape by quickly rolling around. If you manage to slay it, a special scute will drop and can be used for crafting wolf armor. And…that’s about it. What about the other mob vote candidates that didn’t make the cut?

Mob Vote 2023 Winner


Mob Vote Losers

Mob Vote 2023 Loser
Mob Vote 2023 Loser

Just as with any other Minecraft mob vote, there are always two losers in the mix. Say goodbye to the crab and penguin, as they’ll likely never see the light of day. The first one was beloved by many for its unique craftable item, allowing builders to place blocks further away. Penguins on the other hand can make your boat travel faster in water. This mob wasn’t entirely special, but still popular in the community. However, the vast majority of players didn’t want only one of these creatures to be added. They’d rather see all of them introduced into Minecraft. Mojang’s inability to do this frustrates millions of people around the world, including myself. Good news! All these mobs were added to the game, just in an alternative universe that may not even exist.

The Future of Missed Mobs

What’s the fate of mob vote mobs that were left behind by Mojang? This question is a bit iffy to answer, as there’s no concrete response from anyone. The only bit of information that we do know is that these mobs will be added “when the time is right”, according to kingbdogz, Mojang’s gameplay developer. This is pretty vague, so clarified the statement with “…could mean anytime from now until the end of the universe”. After reading this, you might be even more confused or angered by it. Basically, Mojang will keep all past mob vote losers on the back burner until they decide otherwise.

In other words, the likelihood of any missed-out creatures coming to Minecraft is extremely low. However, this isn’t always the case! Way back in 2019, Minecraft held a biome vote that had some unique mobs associated with them. One of these was swamps, which had frogs for players to enjoy. This didn’t pass the vote though, as mountains won the event. Although, frogs did eventually get added to the game. This means that Mojang does indeed add missed-out content, but we just never know when they’ll do it.

Community’s Feedback

Image from @ImZunkz via X (Twitter)

Regardless if older mobs will be added later or not, Minecraft’s community is outraged. Players don’t want to vote on which features get introduced, as they merely want all of it. This is a simple and realistic request to make, yet Mojang has shown they only follow their own rules. Every mob vote has increasingly gotten more frustrating, sparking memes and reaction images all over the internet. Popular hashtags like #STOPTHEMOBVOTE were spammed across YouTube and other platforms when Minecraft Live 2023 was hosted. The vast majority of comments are also similar, meaning the game’s community is truly angered by Mojang’s inability to listen to them. There’s even a petition with over 500,000 signatures to end all mob votes. Will these events be canceled in the future? Only the higher-ups in Minecraft can answer that.


Playing with All Mob Vote Mobs

If you’re tired of voting for mobs and missing out on your favorite candidate, then consider using our No Vote Valley modpack! This allows you to enjoy crabs, penguins, tuff golems, wildfires, glares, and lots more. There are even unique biomes and 75+ other creatures to admire in Minecraft. This is how the game should have been if Mojang listened to their community and added all the mob vote losers. Remember, this is our exclusive modpack. If you want to play with friends, then purchase a dedicated server from us if you haven’t already to get started!

No Vote Valley Apex Hosting Modpack


Mob Vote 2023 Conclusion

Players all over the world playing Minecraft can enjoy the armadillo and craft wolf armor now, as this animal won the Mob Vote 2023 event. Sadly, the other candidates won’t be joining in the fun. This makes many users sad and angered since Mojang refuses to listen. Regardless of this, there’s nothing you can do about the situation. However, you can always choose to try out our exclusive modpack to add all the mob vote mobs in Minecraft. Whether you wanted to learn who won the event, what sparked the community’s outrage, or how to play with all missed-out mobs, we hope this Apex Hosting blog helped you out. Have a good one, gamers!

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