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How to Make a Modded Minecraft Server

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mc head By Nathan Young

How to make a modded server minecraft


Players looking for an enhanced experience in Minecraft may have tried plugins on their dedicated server to achieve that but found it’s not entirely what they want. This is caused by a few limiting factors, which can be resolved through Forge or Fabric mods. These are similar to plugins but have more flexibility for additional features. For example, completely revamping the world generation or introducing brand-new custom abilities is possible with mods. Creating your own modded Minecraft server is a wonderful way to have fun with friends, but can be challenging to get started. Fortunately, our hosting platform simplifies the entire process for your convenience, including any optional configurations to personalize your gameplay. Whether you want to manually upload mods or choose modpacks, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to make a modded Minecraft server to begin embarking on your grand adventure.

Forge & Fabric Servers

Modded Minecraft Server Hosting

While starting to make your own modded Minecraft server, there’s a handful of mod loaders to consider. The most popular ones are Forge and Fabric, but others can still be used if you want. It’s important to mention that the above loaders have the most mod availability, meaning you’re given a wider range of choices. This also applies to modpacks, with the vast majority of them using Forge. Regardless of what you decide to use, we’ll break down the process to make a modded Minecraft server in the subsections below, along with extra information to help your hosting experience with us. When you’re finished, a brand new world full of custom features will be at your fingertips. We strongly recommend gathering a group of friends to enjoy this modded version of Minecraft.

Modded Minecraft Server Hosting

Making a modded Minecraft server involves purchasing one from our Pricing Area unless you’ve already done this before. Newcomers to the scene will need to choose a memory plan, with 4-6 GB being popular choices for this setup. This saves you any worry about potential issues, as you can install many mods without problems. We recommend checking out this resource here to learn more about our hosting panel and other aspects to better manage your modded Minecraft server. When you’re ready to begin this process, follow these instructions.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then open the Game File dropdown menu.
    Minecraft Custom Server
  2. Continue to type “Forge” or “Fabric” and click your desired version for it.
    Minecraft Server Mod Hosting
  3. Confirm these changes by pressing Change Version in the prompt.
    Minecraft Forge Server
  4. Proceed with the prompts accordingly, then click Restart Now to load everything.
  5. Afterward, join the server to ensure the installation was successful.


Adding Mods

Once you’ve set up a Forge or Fabric Minecraft server, adding mods is the next step toward your ultimate in-game experience. Whether you want new items or custom generation, the possibilities are endless. For example, the When Dungeons Arise mod introduces many types of structures with unique mobs and loot for players to enjoy. This is an extremely popular choice for modded servers in Minecraft, but there are countless others available online.

Minecraft Mods

If you want quick access to some helpful and awesome mods, then review the table below. We’ve compiled a short list of them for your convenience, but more can be found here. Keep in mind that some mods might be unavailable for your game version.

ApotheosisIntroduces a new enchanting system, classes for equipment, magical abilities, and dungeons.
Biomes O’ PlentyChanges the entire generation of your Minecraft world with unique biomes and terrain.
The AetherAdds a new sky dimension to Minecraft with custom items, mobs, and player abilities.
CreateProvides you with endless amounts of new blocks, materials, and tools to create machines.
CobblemonAn alternative to Pixelmon, introducing Pokémon to Minecraft in an all-in-one mod.


Using Modpacks

Minecraft Pixelmon

Truly immersing yourself in a modded Minecraft experience tends to involve modpacks, large collections of mods. We have a large list of them that are preinstalled in our hosting panel, which can be viewed here. In cases where we don’t have the modpack you want, consider manually installing it on your dedicated server. Fortunately, we offer tons of popular packs to save you time and effort, meaning no configuration required.



Occasionally, server owners may want to further customize their gameplay experience. This can be achieved by tweaking mod configurations, done through our easy-to-use file editor. Whether you’re changing spawn rates or toggling options, this plays an important role in creating a modded Minecraft server. However, it’s important to mention that Forge and Fabric can have different locations for their config files.

Minecraft Mod Configuration



Minecraft Mod Permissions

At rare times, you may want or need to set up permissions on your modded Minecraft server. These are for determining which players can use certain commands, actions, or other features. The vast majority of your time hosting this type of server won’t involve permissions, especially on modpacks. However, nonetheless, you can use LuckPerms or another similar mod to manage these aspects. Keep in mind that this works on Forge and Fabric in recent versions.



Minecraft Multiplayer

When you’re all done making a modded Minecraft server, all players will be able to join and enter a completely changed world. Whether you’re using mods or modpacks, a bunch of new items, blocks, mobs, and world generation may become available depending on your setup. Grab a few friends and embark on a unique journey, possibly even across custom dimensions. Regardless of what mods or packs are used to create your server, there’ll be plenty of activities in Minecraft with them. If you have concerns or questions relating to this entire topic, consider reaching out to our 24/7 Support Team for assistance.

Minecraft Modded Server FAQ

Can I host a modded Minecraft server on my computer?

Yes! You can make a modded Minecraft server by following this tutorial. However, we strongly recommend purchasing one from us since dedicated resources are required on your machine to run everything. With our servers, you can easily set up a multiplayer modded world to play with friends.

What are popular mods available for my Forge or Fabric server?

We advise reviewing our “Adding Mods” section to learn more about popular mods in Minecraft but feel free to check out this guide to find more. Besides this, there are plenty of them like Apotheosis, Aether, Biomes O’ Plenty, and more.

Why is my modded Minecraft server lagging in-game?

This is commonly caused by too many entities or the lack of allocated memory. We consider reviewing our optimization guide to find methods to resolve this situation or upgrade your plan. For instance, installing some performance mods can help relieve the lag.

What’s causing my Forge or Fabric server to crash?

Incompatible mods result in the Minecraft server crashing, such as wrong versions or design issues. Our recommendation is to revert any recent changes or contact our support team for extra assistance. Alternatively, consider switching your mod loader version to what’s compatible.

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