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How to Install and Use Tuinity

Last modified on Apr 9, 2021 in modpacks

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Server performance can make or break your server. No one wants to play on an extremely laggy server. There is only so much that the best hardware can do for your server to keep it running optimally. This is why it is important to know the best software available to run the server on. This is where Tuinity comes into play.

Ever since the newer versions of the game have been released such as 1.14 and up, Minecraft servers have started to no longer be able to handle as many concurrent players as before. The Tuinity server version is optimized for larger player counts and is simply a fork off of the Paper software. This means that you get all the great benefits of Paper and more! Along with the use of plugins of course. In this guide, we will go over how you can install Tuinity to your Apex Hosting server.

How to Install Tuinity

Tuinity is going to be very easy to install with Apex Hosting. We offer a server jar file directly on our panel. We have a separate guide on how you can change your version here. You can also follow the steps below to install Tuinity to your server!

  1. Head to your multicraft panel and login here.
  2. Find the field labeled JAR File and from here you can use the dropdown menu to select your preferred version of Tuinity.
  3. If you want to keep your current world be sure to select Use Existing World when prompted.
  4. Restart the server to let Tuinity load.

How to Use Tuinity

Tuinity is fairly easy to use as it requires no configuration changes. The main benefits of this software will be the improved performance at higher player counts. This is due to the extra optimizations that Tuinity has over paper. For a more technical look at what patches Tuinity has included over Paper you can check that here.

While you do not need to edit any config files to see the performance boosts that Tuinity provides, there are some new settings that you can adjust if you wish. To access the new Tuinity config settings head to FTP File Access and locate the Tuinity.yml file. Inside this file you will see the following options that you can adjust:

Delay-chunkunloads-by: 1

This setting will allow you to specify the delay in chunk unloads.  The value will be in seconds.

lag-compensate-block-breaking: true

This setting allows you to change whether block breaking is impacted by TPS or Ticks per Second.  In vanilla, block breaking will be determined by TPS.  If the server has a low TPS the breaking of a block will take longer.  However, the client will think the blocks are always breaking at a perfect 20TPS.  This can cause a disagreement with the server whether a block was broken or not.  This setting fixes this by moving the server’s checks to use time instead of ticks.


This setting will be very similar to the bukkit.yml spawn limits except it will work on a per-world basis. The default value will be -1.  This will indicate that the bukkit.yml’s values will be used.

For a detailed look at the configuration file and all of its settings you can checkout this wiki page for the project.


As you can see, Tuinity has a lot of great optimizations and features on top of what Paper already provides. If you have a large community and are already running Spigot or Paper we would highly recommend switching to Tuinity. Tuinity is being actively developed and more optimizations and features will be added as time goes on. To keep up to date with the changes Tuinity makes you can join their discord server.

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