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How to Change Player Level Engram Points in ARK

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mc head By Nathan Young

How to Change Player Level Engram Points in ARK


As players explore and make progress in their ARK: Survival Evolved world, leveling up happens frequently. This allows you to obtain engrams that unlock new crafting recipes and advantages to advance further in the game. However, if you’re hosting an ARK server and want to make this easier or harder, then changing player level engram points is required. Doing this can be a confusing challenge, as it involves accessing and editing a configuration file. Additionally, the format of the settings you have to use might cause issues if done improperly. Luckily, our easy-to-use panel editor simplifies the entire process for you. Due to this, we’ll walk you through how to change engram points on your ARK server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

Changing Engram Points

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click Config Files near the top left corner.
    ARK FTP Server
  2. Locate and press the “Additional Server Configuration” option to open the Game.ini file.
    ARK Game.ini File
  3. Copy and paste the following on a new line at the bottom of the file: OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=X
  4. This has to be done for every level you have, which by default maximizes at 190 with all DLCs.
    ARK Player Level Engram Points

    Note: Change the “X” value to a number, which represents the engram points.

  5. Once finished, continue to Save the changes and return to the main panel.
  6. Restart the server and join to confirm the edits applied in-game.



The default engram points increase every ten levels, on average. This information can be used to help you create a good system, but you’re in control of how it should work. Due to the overwhelming settings you have to paste, we’ll review our suggestions for quicker recipes. Before we dive into that, be aware that each player level represents an engram setting. This means you’ll want to copy the point value for the specific level to use in the Game.ini file.

Overpowered Setup

If you’re wanting a quick method for unlocking recipes, then using the following points for your engram settings is advised. This will speed everything up, in the sense of character and base progression. Of course, you can play around with exact levels to find a suitable setup.

Player LevelEngram Points
1 – 2036
21 – 5080
51 – 100140
101 – 145200
146 – 190350


Semi-powerful Setup

Similar to the previous setup, this will make things faster than default gameplay, but not at such a fast pace. In other words, players will unlock recipes at above average levels. Using this might be better for your server, as having too high of points can ruin the fun for some.

Player LevelEngram Points
1 – 2025
21 – 5060
51 – 100110
101 – 145160
146 – 190225



Changing the player level engram points on your ARK server can introduce a new gameplay experience for everyone. This is caused by the pace of unlocking recipes, thereby advancing your character and world. Whether you make it slow or fast, it determines how players progress. A popular use for this control is allowing players to unlock structure recipes more easily, which allows them to quickly create bases. Alternatively, making it slower to advance is an option and promotes survival more than character progression. Regardless of how you implement engram points, we hope this guide helped you create a personalized ARK server.

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