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The Best GTA Minecraft Servers

Posted: Dec 22, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

There are almost endless possibilities in Minecraft, leading to some wild gamemodes. Whether you prefer combat, building, or exploring, there’s always a server for you to enjoy. However, one of these focuses on one of the best-selling games of all time – Grand Theft Auto. This has a mixture of everything from guns to owning property, as the whole premise is an open-world roleplaying adventure. These GTA Minecraft servers typically have mature audiences playing them but aren’t limited to that. Fans of this type of content might be curious about the best ones to try out. Alternatively, they may even want to create their own GTA server in Minecraft to play with friends. Regardless, there are many of them online to discover and enjoy. However, only a few made names for themselves in the community as the greatest. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best GTA Minecraft servers. Let’s begin to learn more about them!

Best GTA Minecraft Servers

Minecraft GTA Server

Alright, so what’s the best GTA Minecraft server? Answering this question involves going through all of them, but sadly there aren’t many left. This could be caused by the Minecraft gun ban, as these weapons are essential to the gamemode. There isn’t a definitive reason behind the lack of GTA servers – so players can only speculate. Despite this, there are some good ones available to play right now! These all have their own twist on the gamemode, leading to unique experiences. Although the vast majority of GTA Minecraft servers are similar, focusing on guns, gangs, making money, and roleplaying. You can find our list of the best ones down below!

Grand Theft Minecart

Long-term fans of GTA in Minecraft most likely know about Grand Theft Minecart (GTM), as they are most popular in the server community for this gamemode. Players will begin as a Hobo, with a few starter weapons to kickstart their criminal adventure. There are safe and dangerous zones across the map, all with encompassing loot for the taking. Higher leveled players stick to their area, while others have their own spots. There are lots of possible weapons, appeal, and tools to collect in lootable crates. If you have too many items, consider throwing some into a backpack. Later on, use your phone to access missions and view other key aspects of the game. Collect money and purchase a house to store goodies and be safe from attacks. As you continue playing on GTM, unlock special ranks and rewards to become the ultimate gang member. IP Address: gtm.network

Minecraft Grand Theft Minecart


Havoc Games

Similar to GTM, Havoc Games offers a highly detailed version of the GTA gamemode. There are vehicles to steal and use for your own travels, interactive NPCs, personal homes, plus custom menus. Other features include the standard elements of guns, missions, gangs, shops, phones, and loot stashes. Increase your wanted level by committing crimes, then go on car chases from cops! Save enough money to purchase the highest quality homes and weapons to be the best. IP Address: play.havoc.games

Minecraft Havoc Games



A mixture of both Havoc Games and GTM, the Gamster Minecraft server provides its players with a wide variety of features. This community focuses more on interactive elements, such as auctions, lotteries, casinos, and so much more. The GTA gamemode for this server offers you the ability to choose unique roles like police, mafia, and reporters, among others. Additionally, save up enough money to purchase properties to store loot and be safe from attacks. However, it should be noted that Gamster is a cracked server – meaning it’s less secure. These types of communities use the offline mode feature, so other players can use any username they want. This can be problematic for some, so be cautious when playing on this server. IP Address: mc.gamster.org

Minecraft Gamster


Roleplaying in Minecraft

Minecraft Roleplay

The amount of roleplaying servers in Minecraft is insane, as there are endless possibilities. Examples include fantasy realms with magic or prisons for inmates to complete missions. GTA servers aren’t too popular nowadays but still offer unique gameplay to anyone wanting it. Keep in mind that these can involve strong language or adult content, depending on the community’s rules. We encourage you to review them before playing, so you aren’t shocked while in-game. However, this presents potential issues in the future for RP servers focused around mature audiences – Mojang doesn’t like it. Whenever you decide to play on them, proceed with caution and have fun!

GTA Minecraft Server Hosting

Rather than trying to find the best GTA Minecraft server to play on, consider making your own! You can control everything about the gamemode, leading to a personalized experience. Whether you want specific guns, ranks, maps, or extra features, you have the power to do that and more. We here at Apex Hosting offer you a high performing and lag-free Minecraft server, along with simplified user interfaces to make any changes. Purchase one from our Pricing Page to get started, then choose your desired plugins to make the ultimate GTA Minecraft server.

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