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How to Setup a FTB Infinity Evolved Server in Minecraft

Last modified on Aug 18, 2022 in Modpacks

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FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7-modpackFTB Infinity Evolved



Remember the good ol’ Vanilla days, mining with your friends, not a care in the world? You and your friends think, there’s no way that this can get better, right? This is where modded comes in! Traditional Vanilla mechanics mixed with new exciting items, dungeons, bosses and an all new adventure, you’ll never want to look back from modded Minecraft!

Are you tired of the same Vanilla Experience? Looking for something new, bold, exciting and multiplayer to play with your friends? Looking for a pack with adventure, magic, technology and questing all wrapped into one package? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re in luck! Feed The Beast (FTB) Infinity Evolved is the modpack you’ve been searching for! From building massive nuclear reactors, to exploring woodlands inhabited by bees and other new creatures, to learning the newest most dangerous spells from Forbidden magic, there’s truly something for everyone! Also, with the inbuilt Expert mode as well for those who want a challenge, you can never be bored with this pack!


Feed The Beast (FTB) Infinity Evolved contains over 150+ mods and is great for any sort of minecrafter, it’s usually best suited for small to medium sized servers. Originally released for 1.7.10 in 2014/15 this pack has been updated throughout the years until the final update was pushed in summer 2019. With over 4.3 million downloads, it’s an absolute hit in the modded community!


How to install FTB Infinity Evolved:

  1. Head to the Apex Server Panel.
  2. Scroll down until you see JAR File. From here, click on the title present in the drop down box (in our example we have FTB Skyfactory)
  3. Then search for FTB Infinity Evolved in the search box as shown in the screenshot below:
  4. Select FTB Infinity Evolved from there and press save at the bottom of your screen.
  5. Press the Change World button on your server and enter a new name that can be whatever you like!
  6. Restart the server and get ready to play!


Client-Side Installation:

Make sure to install the latest version on your computer through the Feed the Beast launcher! If your client-side version does not match the server version, you will be unable to play.

  1. Head to the Feed the Beast website and install the launcher.
  2. Open the launcher and click on Browse to the left of the launcher.
  3. Once on that page, simply search for FTB Infinity Evolved and click the download icon.
  4. After the download is complete, press the play button and you’re ready to go!


How to use FTB Infinity Evolved:


The first command shown is the expert command. This sets Infinity Evolved apart by being able to select how intense you want your modded experience to be! This makes the game a LOT more challenging so beware! (NOTE: You can always swap back at any time to normal mode so not to worry!)


Next command you may want incase expert mode is too much of a tough nut to crack is the normal mode command. By default your server is in this mode, but you may want to test out experts and swap back. This is recommended for any casual modded players or newbies just looking for a fun playthrough!


The third command you may need, just in case questing starts up as not being enabled on the server, is the questing enable command. This command is really simple and easy to use in case anything went wrong with enabling questing on startup! The command itself gives you a quest book if questing was not enabled prior to its use.


The last command that’s handy to see what’s going on server side lag wise is being able to check your server’s TPS. TPS stands for Ticks Per Second and when running optimally, Minecraft servers run at a concurrent 20 TPS. We ran the command on a local world so there is a small change to the command for running it on your server. Instead of running /tps you’d want to run /forge tps instead.

Normal VS Expert – What’s the difference?

Normal mode is the typical modded experience, there’s no recipe changes or major gameplay changes to the pack and the resource harvesting shouldn’t take any longer than usual. However, things start to get a little complicated with Expert! Expert changes a lot about the game, massively increasing the resource needs of recipes and disabling some “cheat recipes” for example, lava generated power is disabled in Expert mode and you’ll need double compressed cobblestone to make a furnace.

As well as this, even when you do manage to delve in the technology realms, you’ll find machine processes take a massive amount of time to complete up to multiple hours to complete in game. Even wood is now harder to get! Wooden logs now only drop 2 planks per log in Expert mode, this makes this gamemode not for the faint-hearted!

Brief Mod highlights – What sort of mods can I expect to be using on my server?

FTB Infinity Evolved being such a dense pack as previously mentioned, the limits are truly your imagination. Whether you’re into making an industrial production line using IndustrialCraft 2’s macerators, electric furnaces and other machinery to double or even triple your ore yield, or you’re more interested in parkouring around your world using the portal gun mode, be careful not to get your portals mixed up though!

If you’re not a techie, don’t worry, there’s still plenty for you! Mods such as Thaumcraft 4 and Twilight Forest are also featured in this pack so that players can explore uncharted mystical realms, fight some tough enemies and gain knowledge and power in the mystical arts! This combined with Witchery as well with the pack and you’re looking at a powerful combination to smite foes, brew potions and gain deeper knowledge into Minecraft magic!

Introduction to questing!

Unlike some other packs in which progression is solely down to you, this pack offers you the chance to complete a fun and exciting adventure questing mode. This allows you to gain a deeper knowledge of different mods within the pack and earn some rewards along the way!

Inf Evol Book1
Inf Evol Book2

The mod itself, Hardcore Questing Mode, features up to 226 quests within Infinity Evolved, each tailored specifically by the mod team to be challenging, fun and exciting!

Of course, don’t be expecting to be able to grab the most overpowered loot possible straight away! The reward for this is a stone axe, so you’ve got a lot of quests to go through before you can truly be called a master of this pack!


In conclusion, Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved is an excellent pack created by the Feed the beast team for their 1.7.10 range of packs. It’s balanced with both magic and technology, exploration but also balanced with resource gathering, it’s ideal for the average minecrafter and has expert modes for all those modded enthusiasts among us who fancy a challenge!

If you’re looking for a pack with less grinding, then this pack may not be for you, this pack has a decent amount of grinding involved within it especially for some mods such as ExtraBees, IndustrialCraft2 Nuclear reactors and a heap of others! But if you’re down to dig (as it were), then this pack is your cup of tea!

Common issues:

Server stuck on start:
The most common issue with this pack is that it may become stuck loading up, not to worry if this happens, there’s an easy fix for that. Go to your server panel, click on the console in the left hand side and from there enter the command: “/fml confirm” after entering the command, please press enter and the server will load up as intended.


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How To Make a FTB Infinity Evolved Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your FTB Infinity Evolved server will be created instantly