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Minecraft Eaglercraft – What Is It?

Posted: Jan 22, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Throughout the many years of Minecraft, there’ve been third-party websites trying to make it free for everyone to enjoy. This is considered piracy, but has been proven to be more popular than ever in the game’s community. These types of services are known to have viruses, malware, and an endless amount of advertisements. If that doesn’t scare away people, then they’d begin playing on an offline or “cracked” Minecraft account in a singleplayer world. However, sometimes multiplayer is an option for these kinds of users. This can be done entirely online with no downloads required, but still isn’t safe. Apex Hosting doesn’t support people pirating Minecraft, but a service called Eaglercraft has been popularized and should be explained. Let’s begin!

What is Eaglercraft?

Eaglercraft Minecraft

As you may have guessed, Eaglercraft is a third-party service or project that offers Minecraft for free. This isn’t a new concept, as it’s been done many times before. There are even other websites that offer similar products, but vary in game versions. Currently, only 1.5.2 and 1.8.8 are playable on Eaglercraft. This means there wouldn’t be any new features from 1.9 or higher on this service.

Upon loading it up, you’ll be greeted with a profile customization menu. This is where you can add a username, cape, and choose from a wide range of skins. Alternatively, you can upload custom files to use on your character. Not too long ago, official Minecraft didn’t have any editor to manage skins, but now has it in the launcher. The only difference is that it’s not in-game like Eaglercraft. Unfortunately, another comparison is that any username can be used for profiles, meaning inappropriate names are possible.

Eaglercraft Creating Profile


Eaglercraft In-game

When entering a world, everything looks old and plain unlike the official version. Besides the obvious differences in terrain, textures, among other aspects, there is useful information in the top left-right corners of the screen. This displays your frames per second (FPS), tick rate, and other helpful pieces of data. The controls for playing are the same as normal Minecraft, but you may experience problems due to it being in a browser.


If you’re using the 1.8.8 version of Eaglercraft, then Multiplayer is your only option. The other one has both singleplayer and server compatibility, but significantly lacks features. These are predetermined for everyone, as it’s associated with the game’s design. This differs from the official Minecraft version since you must manually add servers to the list. If you’ve noticed, the offline servers vastly range in gamemodes and one even provides free operator status. Depending on the one you choose, the chat/rules may not be monitored, so be careful.

Eaglercraft Multiplayer Servers


Risks and Problems

There might be some nice features from Eaglercraft, such as the built-in ability to create a profile with custom skins and capes. However, don’t be tempted by that or other interesting aspects, as there are lots of potential issues. For example, this service isn’t affiliated with Mojang and may use your personal data for profit or other reasons. There are many more, which you may review in the list below.

  • Insecure third-party service.
  • Advertisements are everywhere.
  • Servers aren’t safe or subjected to Minecraft’s Report System.
  • Controls aren’t smooth for sustainable gameplay.
  • Lack of features due to older versions used in the project.
  • Profile names and skins can be inappropriate.
  • Players are susceptible to viruses and malware.


Buy Minecraft Instead

Buy Minecraft Java Edition

Due to the risky business of cracked Minecraft, buying it instead is better. Sadly, not everyone will have the same opportunity to purchase the game, but it’s worth the money to be safe while playing. Besides the security of official accounts, you’ll also get all the new features! This allows you to truly experience the game, as you can join any server knowing it’s secured. Visit Minecraft’s website to buy it now and start enjoying an awesome adventure.


Eaglercraft may be popular to play Minecraft for free, but isn’t a good option at all. This is due to all the risks and security concerns involved with third-party services. We hope you don’t play only cracked Minecraft, as the official version provides you with tons of useful features. These include the latest changes or additions, plus the safety of playing the game. That’s about it, we wish you the best of luck, gamers!

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