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Counter-Strike 2 Beta Access

Posted: Mar 30, 2023 in CSGO

mc head By Nathan Young


The grand introduction of Counter-Strike 2 by Valve shook the entire internet, as many believed only a major update was coming and not an entire rebranding of CSGO. Lots of changes have been made to our beloved game, with the new Source 2 engine being a huge feature. Developers worked diligently on this, but must fix any remaining issues or bugs. This led them to open a limited test for CS2, known as a beta before its official release. Players enjoying this will assist Valve to identify and resolve any problems found in-game. Can anyone get access to the beta? How can you play it? The answers to these questions are promising, but may upset a small portion of the game’s community. If you’re wanting to play the Counter-Strike 2 limited beta test, then you’ll need to understand how it all works. Let’s begin to unravel everything!

What is the Limited Beta Test?

CS2 Limited Beta Test

Counter-Strike 2’s limited test is designed to evaluate any issues and correct them accordingly. This happens when you have users playing the game, but not everyone has access to it yet. The only way for you to start playing CS2 is being invited, which happens randomly. It’s broken down into three main factors: recent playtime on official servers, trust factor status, and Steam account standing. In some cases, there are more aspects to receiving an invite, but primarily happens for high-profile players. In other words, the limited beta test is based on selecting random users from a criteria. This isn’t ideal for everyone, as the vast majority of CSGO’s community will note access the new update. Additionally, there aren’t many ways to increase your odds at being invited to the beta.

Gaining Access to the Beta

If you’re like any other player wishing for a delightful beta invitation, then you’ll be heartbroken to learn that recent playtime doesn’t matter. This may come as a surprise to the community, as the official announcement for the limited test stated this was a factor to be invited. Recently, Counter-Strike’s Twitter account posted a PSA saying “The playtime that counts was your playtime prior to the start of the Limited Test.” This means players that are AFK in official servers are doing it for nothing, as the amount of gameplay before the test was released is the only factor for being invited. Don’t worry though, increasing your trust factor and account standing are still (likely) viable options to have better chances. Anyone who was banned for cheating, griefing, or anything else will be completely unable to be invited. In cases where your account is perfect, then all you have to do is ensure your trust factor doesn’t decrease. Occasionally, famous or professional players will get an invite without meeting the criteria.

CS2 Beta Invite

This can sometimes happen to random users, but isn’t something to place bets. Once you’ve been invited, a notification will appear in the main menu of CSGO. Click on it and press Enroll when prompted, then Exit and Download Counter-Strike 2 to begin playing.

Counter-Strike 2 Gameplay

CS2 Gameplay

When you’ve loaded up the almighty CS2, you’ll immediately notice the difference from CSGO. The skins, maps, UI, and everything else has completely changed due to the Source 2 engine. There are some striking similarities between this and other games, such as Valorant. For example, getting kills in a match now adds a counter at the bottom. This takes the form of playing cards, as slaying five enemies is considered an “Ace” and makes sense if you’ve ever played with a deck. This is just a small example of what’s being implemented with the new beta.

There will be plenty of changes along the way when it gets closer to its official launch. Some aspects will either be removed, fixed, or enhanced depending on player feedback. Another example is the introduction of other maps, as Dust 2 is the only available option at this time. Fret not gamer, developers are taking note of everything and will eventually open the doors for more content.


Accessing the CS2 limited test is straightforward, but won’t happen too easily for the majority of players. This is due to developers only wanting those willing to experiment with new features, unless they are cherry picking everyone. Remember, the entire purpose of this beta is to locate and eliminate any bugs or issues. If you have any other questions regarding this, then visit the official FAQ for it. Otherwise, continue battling it out in official matches to hopefully get invited to the most exclusive event in the game. Don’t worry though, if you’re completely unable to receive an invitation, then look forward to the summer of 2023. This marks the date of Counter-Strike 2’s release, allowing every single player to enjoy the update. Besides this, we hope this blog helped you understand the beta and how to get invited. Have a good one, gamers!

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